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Real Talk – glynismaina
  • Thoughts of a 90's child

    Being black in a white world

    I grew up on a healthy diet of High School Musical and Glee club, I wanted to be all these beautiful ladies in the shows with blonde hair and blue eyes, it didn’t matter if they were American and I was African, for me all that needed to happen was I’d grow up have the money and all that needed fixing would be fixed. Not knowing that even that desire to ‘fix’ something to look like another visual representation was a big problem. Now I’m all grown up and I am learning not to constantly watch American shows that sell the idea that size 4 is the way the truth…

  • Real Talk

    Taking Stock

    Hi lovelies! Hope you’re well and keeping safe. In all my years of blogging I’ve never taken stock. This was fun and made me think about a lot of stuff. Give it a try at the end maybe? Happy reading. Making: A sandwich with broadways bread and beef ham. Currently waiting for the light to turn red. This is undefeated and broadways is bae. Always has been always will be. Wanting: To do my nails. I keep looking at my previous nail do but I’m still paranoid with the whole pandemic situation. Drinking: A lot of black coffee, the Nescafe classic. I finally tried it sugarless and I have totally…

  • Thoughts of a 90's child

    Life is for the living

    In our world there’s always been an imbalance; there’s the rich and the poor, there’s health and ill health, there’s suffering and joy. It’s gotten to a point where most people believe that if they are experiencing one then the other is not far by. Because we are happy and well, at the back of our minds we wait for the other shoe to drop. When it does we think, c’est la vie! The life’s rat race is therefore to make so much money we have enough to cushion us from what life throws. An insurance policy. We’ve seen the 1% and know how they control the economies of the…

  • Movies,  Thoughts of a 90's child

    Just Mercy

    Last week I had the opportunity to attend a premier of the movie, Just Mercy starring  Michael B Jordan and Jamie Fox. The event was sponsored by MMS Advocates and Corazon Kwamboka, Valentine’s Cake House, Anga Imax Cinemas and Vera Beauty College aimed to create a platform for lawyers and advocates to interact from all over Nairobi. Here’s the trailer to give you an overview of the movie. The movie is based in the United States and hits the nerve on matters race: How being born black in the US has condemned people to being guilty because of their skin color. It is based on a true story of prisoners,…

  • Thoughts of a 90's child

    Friday Afternoons

    I’m one of those weird people who go to restaurants alone, order a meal and read my book. Sometimes I even carry work along (to avoid looking so weird) and type away while I barely pay attention to the food till it turns cols. The best part however isn’t the work, it could be the food but it’s largely observing the people who get into the restaurants. There’s always a story if you stick around long enough. In my books, there’s definite categories of people you’ll see on a Friday afternoon. The boys. These guys are probably in their late 30’s and early 40’s they were supposed to ‘grab lunch…

  • Thoughts of a 90's child

    Climate Change

    Our generation will have to decide on how to deal with the issue of climate change despite some people believing that it is a hoax. I believe it is a reality that needs to be dealt with yesterday. A few issues I find appalling for instance are the intensity of the cyclones we are experiencing today. Cyclone Idai in Mozambique killed about 1000 people. Not to say the cyclone was caused by climate change but rather its intensity I believe was contributed upon by the changes we are experiencing today. Moreover, there have been record highs in this year’s winter in the United States where there were lows of -70…

  • Poetry


    Apparently we are the future Because it was decided by mother nature It is a responsibility we did not ask for But that choice is far gone. We are supposed to develop and protect our nation For the many to come generations But did they prepare it for us? So that we have an example of such I think I’ve lamented enough But these are just but words So do your best And the rest will hopefully be done by fate Though we definitely are The change we so wish we had So do your part And I’ll do mine After all we can only do so much This post…

  • Poetry

    Who are you?

    Who are you? Are you the body they so often desire? Or that beauty they admire? Are you the intellect they can’t measure up to? Or the witty mouth they try to? What truly describes you? What about you is pure and true? Is it who you say and think you are? Or who people see you as? I don’t think there is an exhaustive definition But definitely different versions Do we really need one though? If yes what for? If no why not? You are defined by what you were Barely what you are And implicitly by what you can be Do not seek definitions But aspire to be…

  • Farewell

    The holidays

    It’s the time of the year just after Christmas and before New Years. I bet you don’t know if its Tuesday or Friday because this is when we have already celebrated the holiday with our family members and cooked and eaten every meal that we wouldn’t eat on a normal day and we are just about to leave the old year behind. I think this is when we all really have no judgements. Party too much? It’s the holidays…. Don’t go home? It’s the holidays… Don’t know what time of day it is and catch a drink at 9:30am? It’s the holidays… It’s like we have unfettered access to do…

  • Thoughts of a 90's child

    The Midterm Elections

    The United States are heading on to the midterms in less than a week. An exercise that has seen a revolution in not just getting people to register to vote but showing exactly why it is important for everyone to vote. Back in 2016 Obama handed over to Trump in a historic electoral college win and now the midterms determine whether the President and largely the Republicans will have control over congress. To bring to you up to speed, the midterm elections in the United States are elections held in November every four years, near the mid point of the president’s four year term in office. They elect the United…