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Hold up, for just a second, I had made up my mind that Suicide Squad was winning my movie of the year title until I watched it
So what is Bad Moms?
It’s a 2016 movie about all the mistakes that moms make. That’s it. I don’t think i’m like those bloggers who go to the extent of saying the director and all the shenanigans about the technicalities of when it was produced, that’s their thing, and I can barely remember the entire cast name except Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell, besides that’s why we have E! to give us the behind the scenes.
Why is bad moms so awesome in my eyes?
I donno about you but who doesn’t want to know what goes on in a mom’s head and to understand that come what may, moms really aren’t as perfect as we think they are.
Don’t worry I won’t give you spoilers like other reviews just sneak pics and pointers on why you should watch the movie if you haven’t already.
First there is an insane car to die for, I mean my mouth literally dropped when I saw this vintage baby, if you love cars just watch the movie to see how this red beast moves.
bad-moms-2I mean ohmigosh! Look at that.
What else should you look out for?
I don’t think there’s any other movie that can play a Fifth Harmony song in one scene and a Florida song in another, dear director you killed this playlist I can’t even explain. It’s like watching a movie and listening to music at the same time… if that is even possible, yep you can guess how many 2016 hits are in this movie
Finally, I think, before this becomes unbearable long, it’s definitely something you can watch with your mum, unless she’s super strict and can’t handle the f* word being said a lot and a single sex scene. It’s what I’d call good humour and just eases the blow of a long day of being a mom. So you be the judge, you know the kind of mom you have see if you can get common ground if not watch it anyway on your own, it’s now available and all torrent sites in HD since the camera copy was out for too long. I’m not sure about Imax though but if you can go theatre then go all the way.
Anyway this way an at the heat of the moment post and I’m working on my content so please like, comment and share. Give a girl with a keyboard an audience and let me know what you’d love to see more of.
Have a great day, or night since is 3:20 am by my watch.


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