The holidays

It’s the time of the year just after Christmas and before New Years. I bet you don’t know if its Tuesday or Friday because this is when we have already celebrated the holiday with our family members and cooked and eaten every meal that we wouldn’t eat on a normal day and we are just about to leave the old year behind.

I think this is when we all really have no judgements. Party too much? It’s the holidays…. Don’t go home? It’s the holidays… Don’t know what time of day it is and catch a drink at 9:30am? It’s the holidays…

It’s like we have unfettered access to do all we want and not be accountable for it these next few days. And can we be blamed? We’ve been thinking about anything and everything all year. Now work may not be as demanding (unless you’re in the matatu business), your significant other is probably still at her ushago adding a jerican worth of soup and not picking arguments from 2015 or he is being talked to about being a man by the council of elders in his village before getting back to Nairobi and asking you ‘wyd atm’. (Is it usually that hard to type out the whole statement though?)

It’s your unconventional period of the year. It’s simply bliss, because we still haven’t seen the ever tiring hashtags of kina Nani saying #newyearnewme #cuttingofftoxicpeople #2019resolutions and God knows what other hashtags 2019 will have for us.

Sometimes I think this is the real holiday. When you’re done with the Mariah Carey Christmas song till the next year. When you’ve hang out with your family, some who you only see once and year and you’ve eaten together, prayed, laughed, washed dishes and had insanely long drives and talks to the country side.

If you’re lucky enough this is the time you all start heading home and you’re reunited with your bed after days apart. And you get to check up on your dog before you move to the next phase of the holiday, ushering in the new year.

So enjoy these few days when there seems to be no system to report to, figuratively. Enjoy the last of the sunsets the year has to offer; enjoy the last meals before you sign up to the gym since your resolutions will be demanding that you lose the holiday fat; enjoy the company of friends and family now that the pressure to account for the past year is off and enjoy everything the end of the year has to bring.

2018 was a year that took a lot, it needed a lot of focus and energy just to stay a float and make sure we got out alive be it physically, emotionally and also spiritually. If you’re blessed enough to be alive now then please do enjoy it. Not necessarily by being too wasted to remember what day it is, but maybe by just sitting back and thinking, ‘I made it out’ through all the year has had to throw my way.

Happy holidays! See you in 2019.


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