7 Netflix Documentaries to watch

Today we have so much power at the touch of a button, good and also really bad stuff lies on the internet. It’s therefore up to us to make sure we can establish a balance.

Here’s a few potentially life changing documentaries that open up your mind in ways that I believe are positive.

1. The Social Dilemma

We all hear the horrors that Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world and before we know it robots will walk the face of the earth and take over everything. The theory here is that Social Media platforms that use AI are already there and the algorithms have a mind of their own influencing politics, conspiracy theories and even extreme violence. You wonder why people in tech don’t allow their kids to get on these platforms? This will explain it.

2. Minimalism

The modern world today again has convinced us that we need more, where we fundamentally think of the next big thing, the next iphone launch, the next outfit and we consistently pile more and more stuff in a way of filling up our lives and hoping these things will make us happier. Minimalism shows that with a simple bare minimum you get to appreciate life so much more. Trying to declutter your life and not sure how to start? This one is for you.

3. Skin

This is a personal favorite by Beverly Naya, who deep dives into understanding the cosmetics industry, particularly bleaching, the billionaire business in Africa that has women convinced that we are only “lovable” with lighter skin. She gives a balanced approach talking to people who have bleached their skin, people who sell bleaching products and how the web works. It is an must watch for every black skinned girl even if only a reminder that black is beautiful despite all the things that have tried to challenge this.

4. Becoming

Michelle Obama’s book was so insightful and adding a documentary that showed her life while she toured promoting the book just puts a face to the book. I promise this doesn’t spoilt the book, if anything it makes you want to read it more. You see her human side, because sometimes we are so narrow-minded and only see people in an unrealistic linear way.

5. The Secret

The whole premise of the secret is that the law of attraction is key and the universe takes what you send into it. You put in bad vibes in the form of negative thoughts and emotions and it will manifest just that; you send out positivity and claim your blessings it provides catalysts to be your best self. It goes to emphasis why the mind is the most powerful tool.

6. The Final Year

Well this is another specialty from the Obama’s and a pick for any lover of politics. It tells the story of Barry as President. Basically cameras following him around as he does his job with his immediate officials without the press over or under interpreting what he was doing. This is the closest I came to seeing him in his element as president which was pretty decent.

7. Coronavirus, Explained

Everything on Covid-19 has been all over the place from conspiracy theories that this was invented in a lab, to the idea that this was to facilitate 5G installation you name it. Our minds have been spinning for months now and we are still in the web of it and God knows how this whole thing works. This documentary felt a bit more balanced compared to the extreme views I was seeing, the science kind of added up from both sides. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a beautiful day and don’t forget to be kind.

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