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Taking Stock

Hi lovelies! Hope you’re well and keeping safe. In all my years of blogging I’ve never taken stock. This was fun and made me think about a lot of stuff. Give it a try at the end maybe? Happy reading.

Making: A sandwich with broadways bread and beef ham. Currently waiting for the light to turn red. This is undefeated and broadways is bae. Always has been always will be.

Wanting: To do my nails. I keep looking at my previous nail do but I’m still paranoid with the whole pandemic situation.

Drinking: A lot of black coffee, the Nescafe classic. I finally tried it sugarless and I have totally been missing out! Sugar is still where it’s at though.

Reading: Kidagaa KImemwozea by Ken Walibora. It is the Book of the month at my book club bookish people. I last read it in high school and I was shocked when it was recommended but I realize Kiswahili is also the national language and if we read African Literature this is part of it.

Eating: Too many carbs. I blame quarantine snacking.

Sanitizing: My phone, earphones, glasses, I realized we forget about these so much.

Deciding: to appreciate how far I’ve come. It’s so easy to forget what you have achieved because others look like they are so far ahead in less time.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Wishing: That we could have world peace. I recently had to deal with the reality of how ugly geopolitics can get and it made me feel hopeless. All this coupled up with the racism in the USA and police brutality here in Kenya.

Enjoying: Alone time. I am one of those people who needs to recharge my social batteries.

Learning: To work with people everyday. There is so much power in negotiation and an open mind. This requires acknowledging people and all that’s going on in their lives.

Loving: My I hour walks/runs every once in a while. It makes me feel in control of myself and the high is amazing. Hadn’t done it for a while and getting back is empowering.

Needing: A proper Java meal, a slice of chocolate fudge cake and a latte or passion juice. The pocket says a different story.

Wearing: Comfortable warm clothes.

Listening: To Jesus and Jollof podcast. These ladies will call you out on what you don’t want to hear and hold you accountable all in a good laugh.

Desiring: A back and foot rub. A spa day. A salon day. All that good stuff.

Feeling: Goofy and loving it. Being home away from everyday anxiety to be all put together, because of Kenya School of Law, is nice. I have my hair in twist outs, wearing sweat pants, no bra and this is how life should look like every once in a while.

Embrace the glorious mess that you are

Elizabeth Gilbert

Praying: To live out my purpose. To know what and where I need to be in every phase of my life.

Noticing: A lot of amazing content online and I am here for it. Go creatives!

Wondering: What the new normal will be post COVID.

Thanking: God, because the world may be falling apart but He is still on the throne.

Smelling: Coconut oil and Mosara hydrating butter in my hair. It is divine.

Opening: A YouTube channel. I actually have started, check it out here

Laughing: At an Uke Web video currently playing in the background. These ladies are hilarious.

I absolutely enjoyed taking stock. I got the idea from The Small Things blog here and Wambui Kogi‘s blog, I am genuinely obsessed, check it here. Her writing is thoughtful and genuine, and no I’ve never met her I just think she’s awesome. Oh and she’s on the YouTube space here. Show her some love.

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