It’s easy to fall in love,
To let someone you’ve always wanted in,
To be a part of something,
It only takes a yes,
A no if you don’t feel it right.
But no one tells you how to unlove,
How to debrief when it doesn’t work,
Love is meant to be forever right?
But we broke up,
We parted ways.
No one told us we’d have to forget,
All the places we went out on dates,
All the foods we tried out,
All the dreams we built together,
The passion, the hope, the dreams.
We’ll go to friends maybe,
Who would take us out to forget about each other,
Maybe I’ll tell mum she’ll probably say now I know better,
You’d tell your religious leader she’ll say God has greater plans,
But none of them will say how to get over us, what we had.
Fortnights pass,
Seasons elope,
Children are born,
Rivers keep flowing,
But there lies a hole in ours hearts that each of us dug.
And we have to independently figure out how to seal it,
How to unlove, to forget,
How to especially grow numb,
Just because feelings fade doesn’t mean they disappear.
It takes a lot more to get rid of them.


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