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Farewell – glynismaina
  • Farewell

    The holidays

    It’s the time of the year just after Christmas and before New Years. I bet you don’t know if its Tuesday or Friday because this is when we have already celebrated the holiday with our family members and cooked and eaten every meal that we wouldn’t eat on a normal day and we are just about to leave the old year behind. I think this is when we all really have no judgements. Party too much? It’s the holidays…. Don’t go home? It’s the holidays… Don’t know what time of day it is and catch a drink at 9:30am? It’s the holidays… It’s like we have unfettered access to do…

  • Farewell


    There are days you wake up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and wonder, is it all worth it? Am I really changing the world? You get to work at 8:00 am leave by 4:30 pm have an evening meeting at 5:30 pm get home at 9:00 pm. You’re exhausted out of your mind at only 21. You don’t want tomorrow to happen because it’s time you adulting free trial expires. On a good day, you don’t have a meeting in the evening, get home in time and log on to wordpress and type one or two things that make your heart swell. That alone gives you sheer…

  • Farewell

    Rest with the Angels.

    I was working on what was meant to be today’s post when I got a phone call from a friend of mine. It’s been those weeks that have just been heavy and sometimes law school doesn’t let you breath so easy. So I was so relieved to be done with a post very long overdue. For one, I really don’t know how to receive bad news. As a person, I try to stay happy. I try to make sure all my friends are happy. I check on people to make sure they are okay when I see them whenever I can. On the flip side I have no shock absorbers…

  • Farewell

    My condolences

    2017 was supposed to be the year, the recovery from the horrid 2016, the year of completion. But now it’s only the fourth month and I’ve lost count of how many RIP’s i’ve seen on my timeline for my fellow youth. I’m not trying to jinx the year, I just don’t know what’s going on. Why are we as the youth dying so much? Who did we offend? Is there a point we’re missing? From university killings to the Langata accident and so many people in between. Makes you wonder what battle it is we’re fighting. It’s normal to ‘pass condolences’ when someone leaves. It’s what’s expected. But in all…

  • Farewell

    Left behind

    We’ve all been left by someone, maybe your mum left to go work in a far away country, maybe your dad left home for life at another woman’s place, maybe the girl of your dreams left you for a boy out of nowhere, maybe the boy you confessed your loved to was playing you all along till you caught him out of the blues. That’s when all the idioms you learnt in school come to life. Something like, my heart was shuttered into a million pieces. And it really feels likes its in a million pieces. When someone you’ve known for ages turns a back on you its equal to…