Thoughts of a 90's child

Ain’t no such thing as a friendship.

It’s a Saturday morning and I’m contemplating my weekly failures.

I lost an argument this week, it was pretty hard to admit defeat but oh well!
My partner in court asked me if you could have a best friend as a person of the opposite sex, I didn’t put much thought to it, of course you can, right?
Until he asked the same question to someone of greater wisdom,
I thought she’d pick my side, I really did.
She started by asking why a 5 year old boy and girl will kiss while they are alone in a room, I was like uuuurrrrrmmm,,,eeeehhh,,,
No clue😪
But they are just friends right?
Then I used my friends as a scapegoat, threw them from the frying pan to the gates of hell,
“But I know these guys who are besties and are boy a girl, I’m sure the girl would walk in naked and the guy wouldn’t have sex with her.”
The looks I got, fam🤐
I mean I thought I sounded pretty smart until I heard my statement echo at the back of my brain.
“How old do you think I am, Haya Basi you and Ben* go in a room and get naked, si you’re friends? Good, go and see if that won’t ‘affect’ him.” Came the brutal response.
I mean I’m now scared of being in a room with a boy now since my whole idea of a friendship has been messed up.
Sasa, I’m just here realising the struggle of having a girl as a best friend, don’t get me wrong, I have my squad, they just have other best friends and my best friend, or ex-best friend in this case is a boy 😒.
Sad life fam,
Really sad, the analogy is that in such a friendship, either party will develop feelings for the other and hide behind the friendship, then years later you have awkward moments 😣
Sasa, warrrathese issues, too much knowledge is vanity. I liked not knowing.
If I didn’t know this, thankfully as a result of the overwhelming naivity I suffer from, I would be as confident as ever being in the same room as a friend who is a boy, since they can’t be my best friend now, I’ll have to be normal and avoid my weird side at a time I didn’t think I needed to give a rat’s ass!😕
Now I know, I have to take precaution, sit like a girl when around boys, not be too funny lest I send the wrong message maybe even walk around with a flashlight to see any wrong vibes I’m sending 😒 especially now that Valentine’s day is around the corner I don’t think I want a guy friend to magically fall in love with me when I have no clue.
But for the record there is one guy, oh heavens!😌 If he wants a best friend by night and girlfriend by Tuesday then we can see if this rule works, for trial and errors sake,
Take everything with a pinch of salt… You know?
Then worry not I’ll come here and tell you how it went,
Maybe it’s my time to benefit from this friendship 😌😮
What do you think though? Can there just be a genuine friendship, rather bff relationship, between a boy and girl?
I’m still having my doubts
Let me know on the comment section or any of my social media, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat @glynismaina what you think about this.
Have a great weekend.


  • theboogeymancom

    There can never be, in a billion years, a best friend relationship between a male and female,(Unless the one of em is gay, that changes everything). Guys are visual, we don’t depend on emotion or character to fall for someone and in this day and age where every girl out there is hot,.. Chances are 20-80.
    But you can work your way into that bff zone, eat get fat, don’t do make, no more squats, no more bomb weaves, it’s a guarantee you’ll never move out the friend zone till some guy comes your fixes you up and your back to curving best friends who want to secretly Smash. Awesome blog 🐸

  • kathleen francisca

    😂😂😂 time and time again a boy and a girl can be friends but not bestfriends either they fall in love and date either happy or tragic ending or one falls inlove tells the other the friendship is ruined but the bestfriend thing can’t work

  • HumbleRudeBwoy

    from experience; i had a gal bff. the friendship lastd for like 4 yrs. It was amazing xperince since we talkd openly about like everythg untl wen she went in campus n i don know what hapnd we became strangers. BUT she never got naked infront of me neitha do i. She wasnt too beautiful nor sexy bt pretty so i never got jealous when boys approached him. And to the pretty chic i met, i never wanted frdship kida thing.Not me, i do feel.

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