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Saturday morning run

So today I went for a morning run, just like any other day only I’ve never gone on a weekend its usually the weekdays where you go twice or thrice, if your feeling cool maybe everyday then cheat all weekend.

But this morning I had to go for a run because oh well, I’ve been obsessed about hot dogs of late, those naivas ones pale mountain mall and the god of calories is always faithful to make sure I get the attendant putting soy sauce on the onions just when I give my receipt…or read my order as two hot dogs instead of one…who can resist that… in their good mind, I mean I’ve been cheating on my burgers but it’s for a worthy meal a hot dog + pick and peel tropical mix.

Now you know why I had to rise at 6:30 am for my 8 km run (i pray it usually is that long). The thing is on weekends no one is in a rush, the walk from my house at fourth street to the highway isn’t full of people panting from their run already. Thing is you meet so many drunk people on the road, today one lady caught my attention.

She probably needs a long shower since she looks beat, her hair was maybe blow dried on Friday morning but now it is all over the place. I’m guessing she is someone’s mum even though she looks thin for one; she has the face, the mum face, the one harnessing love for one’s babies. But you wouldn’t see that, not if you only saw her jittery self coming up to you and mimicking your running. This made me a bit sad, for the kids she was going to they shouldn’t have to see their mummy like that, not all messed up when she’s the one who cleans them up for school, gets food on the table and gives them a whacking when they eat sugar.

My heart goes out to this lady, sure she won’t ever see me in the remainder of our mortal lives but whatever burden she carried to push her that far… to surrender to alcohol for majority of the night… that’s the real demon right there that’s what society should look to fix not judge her because she’s a drunk mummy, but ask why she got that far, why the sparkle in her eyes showed defeat, rejection, pain and an anger for something causing all these. I don’t blame her for feeding these demons maybe it’s the only way she knew how to silence them for a minute, before they can be cast out to their world.



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