Who are you?

Who are you?
Are you the body they so often desire?
Or that beauty they admire?
Are you the intellect they can’t measure up to?
Or the witty mouth they try to?
What truly describes you?
What about you is pure and true?
Is it who you say and think you are?
Or who people see you as?
I don’t think there is an exhaustive definition
But definitely different versions
Do we really need one though?
If yes what for? If no why not?
You are defined by what you were
Barely what you are
And implicitly by what you can be
Do not seek definitions
But aspire to be limitless
Because that is the only way you get to be you!
This post was by the amazing Hernyfur🌺 diaries🌸
Picture by me. For any queries or a feature drop me an email on info@glynismaina.co.ke


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