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11:00 pm thoughts – glynismaina

11:00 pm thoughts

Words escape me as i try not to be cliche,

A struggle I simple do not see how it can be fixed,

Who am I kidding,

I know how to fix it, maybe i’m just lazy,

Lazy or scared?

If I was born an eagle instead of a mortal man 

I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the last to fly,



to exit a cocoon that has sheltered me all my life,

Someone once lied to me to use fear as a driving force,

See where that got me?



And now my brain is bleeding for more than the basic I am giving,

But how,

How do I move forward?

I’ve tried to hide behind geniuses but when will I find my place?

when will I stand on the podium at TED talk to inspire?

To talk of my journey as a writer?

But has this journey even begun?

Have I found that which is of pure matter?

Or do I just chase after the wind?

Maybe I am stuck,

maybe now that i know it I will do something to change it,

Something to get better,

Something to make me greater,

So that i’ll not just be a tired student beating on her keyboard at 11.00 pm

I’ll touch some out there,

Not like others do,

But the way I do.



  • Ralph

    There’s a true lesson to be learned. Most people(possibly including me) think /say its laziness but its just fear. Maybe the fear of failure.
    Fear that once they get on top they may not be able to get back to they bar they set. Who knows??
    Every individual knows. If not consciously then subconsciously. Some who hide the reality from themselves.
    Amazing piece of work Glynis.

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