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Dear educated fellow – glynismaina
Thoughts of a 90's child

Dear educated fellow

My mum just sent me the video above a couple of days ago and it probably wasn’t the first time I heard of it or watched it.

It basically talks of a man who sued the school system for drilling us to think we are fish that can climb trees. It had me intrigued, very much actually that I wondered exactly why I am in school if all I am doing is being programmed for a certain number of hours a day, months a year and probably 21-30 years of my life. Is that much time in school worth it?

Then I thought, why not just quit school. I mean I can speak English, I can understand the basics of life, just maybe I could take my talents and run with them instead of struggling with sleepless nights in law school.

But would my parents let me? After investing a couple of millions for this thing in between my ears to swell? They wouldn’t dare. Its like Safaricom denying you equity for the shares you hold, we would all sue! I mean the shareholders… they would sue, but I would too for my few thousand bonga points.

Then I asked myself another thing, would I date an uneducated or partly educated man? One who can’t use a handkerchief because he’s traditionally brought up or one who wants herbal medicine because he thinks modern medicine make him weak?

Would I Glynis Maina in my pink framed glasses and sapiosexual nature take home a man who dropped out of Primary not because he lacked fees but because he felt the system was a lie and all he did was start a farming business that escalated him to his state of wealth? Would I even let my future husband refuse for my babies to go to school?

Ladies and gentlemen these are some difficult questions to answer. Especially when you have a mind intrigued by a big ‘degree’ or a vast of ‘knowledge’ acquired from the same. 

Maybe I can’t answer the aforementioned questions because society has had a tole on me and most of you. Like for instance;

guys, buy a lady coffee and tell you studied electrical and electronic engineering and you have an interview the next day at KenGen. She’ll probably have your number on speed dial. Rather try again and say you dropped out of high school in form two and you work in your mother’s farm and I am almost certain that her profile picture on WhatsApp may no longer be visible to you.

Its mind control really like 1+1=2, the system has been there for years telling us the answer is 2 but what if really the answer is 1, what then?



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