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Captain Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been there for the past decade and it is drawing to a close. With every Marvel movie, we see the genius in this industry. An industry where it’s not just the actors or actresses, it’s videographers, costume designers, writers, stunt coordinators, directors of photography and so many others.

If you haven’t watched Captain Marvel yet I’ll give you a bit of an overview and hold off on the spoilers.

Captain Marvel is the first of the Avengers but she’s the boss who didn’t need to stick around, until Thanos. Her story in many ways is one we all have. She is in a universe she doesn’t belong in but still has no memories of where she is supposed to call home. She possesses a power greater than anyone has ever seen but she is convinced she needs to control herself lest her emotions get in the way. In many ways her story is our story in whichever shape or form. Her life is a depiction of what happens when we let the system decide who we are and what we ought to be instead of believing in who we believe we are.

The script is beautiful because the obvious things stay obvious while the big scares shake you to the core. It’s well directed and a sight for sore eyes to any Marvel Fan. The setting is in the 1990s, the humor is heartwarming and the cast is rich especially Nick Fury. PS you finally get to know what happened to his left eye.

Being the first Marvel Movie with a female lead I’ll give you one necessary spoiler. There is no love story. There is no romance that takes away from the power of the character. This movie has come just after Black Panther and shows the continuing strides in the business. Or dare I say it was perfectly calculated.

Is it better than Wonder Woman? I have no clue but I can say it’s great.

It’ll inspire you to remember you are enough even with your flaws. It’ll show you the power of great friendships. It’ll teach you just how much you need to not let things get into your head and best of all, it’ll remind you that you have nothing to prove.

It’s a Marvel Movie you can watch without needing to watch what’s been happening in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Have a go at it maybe?

Oh, how much? Price ranges from 350 to 800 depending on where you watch from and KenyaBuzz has you covered here. and don’t forget your 3D glasses!

Stay happy!




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