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Life’s snippets – glynismaina
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    Are you happy?

    The wild thing about life is we somehow believe that all the things ‘meant’ to make us happier are external. When we feel unhappy we are told to; meet up with some friends, go on a road trip, go to a new restaurant and try a new meal, go to the gym… then the world presents a situation where you can’t escape to find this happiness. A pandemic meant limited movement and erasing everything we thought was normal. Now you can’t do all the things that are meant to make you happier. You have to sit in a house by yourself or with some people you share a blood line…

  • Life's snippets

    Muthoni Drummer Queen – CTA 101

    ‘Own yours’ words that Muthoni Drummer Queen said that have changed my life from episode 13 of the CTA docuseries. ‘If you go through ten years and no one ever gives you money are you still saying you won’t do your gig? If you won’t do your gig it means that you are operating at the wrong scale. This is exactly what I need because this week I was monitoring my insights on one of my social platforms and realized I was losing just as many followers as I had gained. I was ranting about it because as a creative for years you feel like your audience is betraying you…

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    Kinky hair diaries

    There are various types of hairdressers. The first one is the arrogant one who went to beauty school and is most certainly an entitled millennial who feels she should probably be working at Ashley’s and can’t stand her job. She’s always chewing gum and her attention is always on the tv. When she’s washing your hair she doesn’t care if the water spills on your face or if she’s scrubbed the middle of your head properly. If her phone rings you'll be damned if she ignores it to serve you. She just wants to get through the day and scroll down her instagram with the salon WiFi. If your hair…

  • Life's snippets

    Victim or Survivor?

    The term victim has been thrown around quite a bit much recently. That or it’s just come to my attention. Its either in the political spectrum or in social experiences that society chooses to define qualifiers of the victim category. We are all victims of something. I think it’s important to start with that before I pretend to be writing this from a point of perfection. We all struggle, we all have skeletons in the closet. Some struggles are bigger like terminal illnesses, disabilities, nuclear wars, climate change you name it. Some seem smaller like a bad hair day, losing followers on Instagram or a power shortage for a few…

  • Life's snippets

    What happened?

    In the past couple of weeks anyone I’ve met looked at me with utter shock and dismay, not to mention the pity in their eyes, and immediately blurted out, ‘what happened?’ As if everyone was reading from a script. The response would result in a back and forth, explaining my demise then the person would blurt out an ‘I’m sorry’ and be on their way, which I found weird especially from lecturers. You just wanted to know what happened, then walk away? It was rather unusual but part of me was just happy they left, until someone else popped up and the cycle continued. I always thought the worst part…

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    Are you a Social Media Addict?

    Social media is wonderful. Especially in this day and age where it is the voice of the voiceless, in many cases. The question however is, are you hooked to it?When I read this concept I thought, it’s impossible to be an addict, that’s for drugs. There however is a scientific explanation to it, just a bit of Biology to convince you. There’s this organic chemical called dopamine in your brain that works with motivating stuff in your brain. It is stimulated by uncertainty making social media a perfect stimulant because you never really know with what’s going to happen with the gram or what’s going to be trending on twitter.…

  • Life's snippets

    Shoot your shot

    Guys! You’ve been missed! So now that the year is coming to an end we all have an opportunity to try our luck one more time before we move to new year new me, no more fake friends and toxic people, resolutions 2018 and all that yadda yadda, plus the meme of the lady who walks up the stairs leaving the very same things she did the previous year. Anyway, recently on my Instagram I asked you guys to vote on whether you’d buy a book by a Kenyan author and you said yes. My girl wrote one (hey Krystin!) and went on twitter and tagged all her favorite international…

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    Being a writer.

    Someone asked me why I haven’t been consistent in writing. I am in awe of such amazing people who look out for my posts. They make you want to get on that computer and type away. But I’ll give an answer because courtesy demands it. And my mother raised me right. Over the years I have been obsessed about how words can offer such unlimited freedom. How as a dancer they would live through their steps and music, as a writer all you have is the alphabet. And I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. Only to realise I was stagnating and revolving around the same theme of love.…

  • Life's snippets

    Phone struggles

    So my third phone in less than two years is gone… gone into the afterlife of dead phones. I wonder if they have a heaven and a hell. If they do…if they do…all mine may just go to heaven, even if they caused me so much pain i still wish them well. I’ve been through all these phones people criticize from tecno to infinix and one you’ve probably not had enough time to attack yet called Innjoo… and their tag line is …be you… Be you??? Be you??? Well urrmm i really don’t know how a phone was to help me you know…be me… but oh well… i’ll let it…

  • Life's snippets

    New Year’s Eve

    Its approximately one hour three minutes to new years eve and after all my attempts to write this post i ended up saving all my ideas in draft files. This is sad, because much as i don’t want to admit, i’m having a writer’s block, which is allowed. Only this time i have so many ideas at the back of my head but i can’t seem to put them down in perfect symphony. So we’ll just end the year on a light note with a post i haven’t quite figured the title for. So today i met someone who was very blunt with me and they said that if only…