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Meet Glynis – glynismaina

Meet Glynis

Hi there,

My name is Glynis, Maina is my father’s name. You know that by now, there are two other names, I’ve explained it in the video below. l’ll let you in on a secret. I actually did pose with a dictionary in this picture and I look like a geek rock star in chunky glasses (at least I think I do).

Anyway, I write every now and then, I love a good book that steers intellectual conversation (hence the dictionary), I enjoy good food(though you should know I hate milkshakes), I appreciate exploring new places and I hope I travel the world over because

travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness – Mark Twain.

Everyday you meet different people. People are the wonder of the world, different people with different perspectives choose to come together and co-exist thus everyone you meet has something to teach you. Call it fate, destiny, purpose, even karma, if you’re willing to listen, there’s something to learn. This is my outlet for it; the good, the not so good and life in general from a 90’s child.

One more thing… though I won’t repeat this out loud, I live for bus rides on the Kenya Bus Service (KBS) with no music and a window seat, to feel the sun and wind in my face. I find it calming and peaceful on a trip to whichever corner of Nairobi, my city and home.

What I do believe is I am a writer, like everyone else who puts words down to be read. We all have an obligation in this world to do something and this may be one of those things, who knows? I am someones daughter, sister and friend. I enjoy studying the law and how it’s a social science and a tool for so much change if used intentionally.

Finally, I hope this space grows to more than just a link you get from time to time to an inspiration that will outlive my wildest dreams,

Glad to meet you!

PS: This blog was established on 20th July 2015


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