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Readers digest 2!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you, *drum roll please….* a second digest!
Another loyal reader has come to my aid  and broken down the nitty gritties of making things work. It really isn’t hard, just the ABC’s of life.
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Dear Glynis,
So I have been dating for a while now and everyone stills asks the question how do you make it work. Love is a beautiful thing I am a hopeless romantic. BUT love doesn’t take you all the way you may love a person but it does need work the same way you buy a car and you need to take it for servicing ,change oils and all that stuff…….
So here is 6 top things you must have to make it work when the love is there

  1. Respect

You should be able to respect and value each other’s opinions and feelings. Respect is key, someone cheating on you does not value your feelings. Run the other direction and don’t look back, respect their opinion even if you defer.

  1. Understanding

You need to understand you were brought up differently, you are two different beings something’s just understand for example I am dating Mr.  X he understands that I get moody when I don’t want to talk, it’s just me and he understands, gives me the space I need and not poke about it. Understand who they are as a person, their emotions and feelings

  1. Listening

NOT JUST HEAR! Listen to what they have to say their opinions and feelings those small things that a person says under their breath… yes listen!


You need to talk communicate about things …. If you love someone you don’t communicate there is nowhere you are going. These relationships that people break up and they say they do not know what happened is simple an issue of miscommunicating.

  1. Honesty & Trust

This is the easiest being truthful, always no matter what. Even if it is that bad … Rome wasn’t built in a day so build trust …. Trust is built when you are 101% honest, doing the things you say and not putting someone in a position that they feel insecure. This whole issue of having friends or BFFs shouldn’t be an issue. You found your significant other with friends of both sexes so please give us a break, know you won’t be the only female he talks and you won’t be the only male she talks to, trust your BAE!!!

  1. Social support system

Be an adviser, support your partner’s things from those small things they are interested in to the big things in life, be someone they can really on and come through when they are in trouble, be that shoulder to lean on.

  1. Be spontaneous

As Sylvia Smith a writer and relationship expert said, relationships mature and age, it can start to take a lot of hard work to keep the spark alive. And while it would be wonderful to have your relationship feel just like how it used to in the beginning, the reality is that it may be hard to have that same feeling return. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing – it could just be an indication of how your love has matured over time and grown more sustainable.

It’s normal for many couples to go through what’s known as a “dry phase” when it comes to romance. There’ll inevitably be certain times in life when romance appears to take a back seat, but that’s not to say you can’t be spontaneous with love at any given time. So go for the surprise trip, plan a date, have fun, Buy that girl flowers, Buy him those shoes he wanted.

Relationships take constant work it’s not just love but its hella fun and an amazing thing.

Your loyal reader,
That different girl.

Dear reader,
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