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    Worth a thought

    I may have jinxed last week’s post when I mentioned Jarunda or it’s just those things the universe plans out. Today’s intro is very brief. If you haven’t read last post where we talked about sex and abstinence after featuring Worth The Wait KE, click here This post won’t make sense if you haven’t had a look. Being a response post as heavily voted for on my Instagram, I will not give my position as I may or may not agree with the post but I believe in people being able to air their opinion. Without further ado here’s Jarunda once more… So, let’s do this topic again, only this time, your…

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    Readers digest 2!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, *drum roll please….* a second digest! Another loyal reader has come to my aid  and broken down the nitty gritties of making things work. It really isn’t hard, just the ABC’s of life. Enjoy! Don’t miss the sidebar down below. Dear Glynis, So I have been dating for a while now and everyone stills asks the question how do you make it work. Love is a beautiful thing I am a hopeless romantic. BUT love doesn’t take you all the way you may love a person but it does need work the same way you buy a car and you need to take…

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    Reader’s digest

    This week we have a digest from our very own! I’m so excited! For the first time we have a male perspective on a couple of the posts from before. Of course it’s not just any guy. Abeg no. It is one very simple man loved by very many. Rumor has it he is one of JKUAT’s most eligible bachelor’s therefore really needs no introduction. And have you seen him on twirrer, even politicians fear him. He used to write a few years back, but since this age (read fame) of his is catching up he has decided to be an observer these days. May all his previous 400 plus…