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You’ve been missed!
So now that the year is coming to an end we all have an opportunity to try our luck one more time before we move to new year new me, no more fake friends and toxic people, resolutions 2018 and all that yadda yadda, plus the meme of the lady who walks up the stairs leaving the very same things she did the previous year.IMG_1416

Anyway, recently on my Instagram I asked you guys to vote on whether you’d buy a book by a Kenyan author and you said yes. My girl wrote one (hey Krystin!) and went on twitter and tagged all her favorite international writers, they not only re-tweeted but are buying her book. Like omg! Life really is dynamic.
I mean, now I feel like tagging vogue and telling them I am the plus size-not-plus-size melanin dripping model they’ve been looking for. Or better still I call the bank and tell them I’m worth a million dollars but my account is a couple of zero’s behind. I feel like everything is possible at this point in life.
Enough of my feeling extra. I have learnt that good things come to those who basically get at them. Diligence, hard work, discipline are all pretty amazing but if you never get what you want then apply them you begin to plateau.
I may not be the person who’s made it in life, pretty far from it, but I know I have to shoot my shot whether it works or not. You won’t have failed if it doesn’t work, you’ll just know it doesn’t work a certain way. You remember those high school quotes (if not primary) of failing to try is trying to fail, well they were a tongue twister for Mt. Kenya Region Folk, but they made a lot of sense.
So as I rise from the ashes of laziness like a phoenix, may my rise be to remind you to shoot your shot. That job you want but think you are not qualified? Send out your CV! That business you are too scared to start, talk to a friend and get in going! That outfit you’ve wanted to rock all year but are too scared to try out, ebu wear it! Life is so dynamic, nothing is guaranteed.
That boy or girl you’ve liked all year but they have no idea, shoot your shot! Maybe she’s waiting for you to say something first. Be smooth you know, pima radi get all the background information, make sure there’s no one else! We don’t want any broken hearts because of lack of information. Then when and only when you are sure you can make your move.
Be smooth and extra like RomeoΒ  when Benvolio asks him if he is in love and he says he is out of love because he is out of her favour, where he is in love.
(Romeo was so salient with words. Read the book! It such a short play I promise)
And if you’re with that person make them happy, do something simple to make them happy. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until its too late. Take time with your friends this December, take time with family. Crack a joke with your old man, hug your granny, buy your neighbor at shags with jiggers some shoes.
It really is the small things that matter.
Our success in life isn’t pegged on how big or small things are. We don’t fail because of our circumstances, or because we are not capable, we fail because we give up on ourselves.
See why it’s important to shoot your shot?
Happy holidays!

PS I really need a new look for my blog, dear photographers, you need a test drive? Please experiment with my page. Shoot your shot please πŸ™‚


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