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You can want more but with more

This week something has been bugging me. There’s  this theory that people have about ‘not wanting too much’ and this other line about ‘not settling for less’ and I get it, I get that in this generation we want a tone of things from other people be they parents, partners, colleges and the like.
But here’s the thing that I really don’t understand why we expect so much from others and we don’t give towards the cause.  Correct me if am wrong and forgive me if am judgy but if you have a boyfriend and a sponsor please pick one. I hear stories of how ladies tell their boyfriends they aren’t man enough to provide for them and that’s why they need a sponsor.  However,  ever thought about how you have failed to a point you are dependant on another to provide for you your basics. Sure you want an iPhone and a Mac laptop maybe an apartment plus that fancy Mark X.
I wouldn’t blame you for this but the minute you submit to that person for your basics they get a hold on you. There is no difference between the insecure lady who wants a boyfriend to make her feel loved and the lady with a sponsor to provide for her needs.
You are both trying to get your worth from someone else.

So am done with the judgy part.
In business they say your assets should be greater than your liabilities; in company law for you to make partner you need to bring in fortune 500 clients in medicine you make a wrong diagnosis and kill a patient your license is revoked. I could go on and on but point is in life everyone needs you to get better and better to get more.. heck even your sponsor want better nunu to cough up more money.
Push yourself!  Push yourself and establish your own worth,  this is advice from all your mothers but getting your worth right is like having good money in a bank account. No matter how broke others are you know you’re good for a rainy day. Unless you banked with Chase Bank… Of which am sorry.
Once you have that worth,  then you are allowed to want more. You don’t invest 1000$ in a business and expect 500$ dollars you want way more.
Build yourself until your pillars are so strong no amount of bullying can bring you down.

So once you’ve worked on you.  Don’t go settling for less, nope go for bigger better.  You deserve all the happiness from what you’ve worked for.
And when you’re in a situation that just feels like you aren’t getting what you are worth don’t be scared to walk away. Yes we all have flaws and that’s just makes us want to be better. Don’t allow yourself to invest all your worth in someone or something. No invest in you and let everyone feed on that knowledge of your worth.
Now am done this post was so much fun. I wish I took my own advice sometimes. Straight from the heart.  It was inspired by Ellie Goulding’s song – Here’s to us. Check it out.  Please like comment and share this post have a great day.


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