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In last week’s post I was all Steve Harvey on the relationship vibe and maybe, just maybe, we may go down that road today.
So this week I haven’t done much reading. I have a lot of books waiting for me, some from my loyal readers, and some I’ve come across but I just can’t read. Why? Exams are coming. If you are friends with a law student then you know exams are hectic.
But that wasn’t going to stop me from posting because despite how tired I am (those who watched my story time on Instagram understand) I really want to be consistent with posting. I want to actually do something with this. And I know the moment I slack even a bit I lose all I’m trying to build.

To dream is beautiful, just don’t forget the execution.

I’m not here to speak about being a writer, it’s a labor of love really. But today I want to do a cross-analysis of some situations I’ve seen and learnt from.
My girlfriends all happen to be in relationships which are by and large pretty amazing. My guy friends on the other hand aren’t exactly in relationships. One or two maybe but majority were braving the winter that just passed. Which makes it very easy to be able to tell when they are into a new girl.
With what I’ve been seeing i’ll just do a brief overview for the ladies sake. I’ll take sides for once because neutrality helps the oppressor. And maybe this article will end up being a how to know a guy is into you post.

  1. He tries to get your attention.

In today’s generations not many guys tell you up front they like you. They will call you just to check up on you, drop by to see how your doing, tell your friends they said hi, stuff like that.
It’s basically setting ground. And if you were friends before it gets on another level. He’ll make more time to see you, pay close attention to things you like and largely bank on whichever language of love he possesses. Either giving gifts, acts of kindness and maybe even reaching out to hold your hand for those whose language is touch.
2. He let’s you take shot gun.
This is my personal favorite.
If a guy lets you sit at shotgun it’s a done deal. It may seem subconscious to you, maybe you’re headed to watch a movie and he’s picking you up then you find the squad in the back seat and the front one empty.
It doesn’t even have to be in his car, he may start insisting you sit next to him when you jav home. If you’re going for trips out of town he holds a sit next to him for you. Some even get mad if you don’t sit next to them.
3. He sends you memes.
I feel like this should have been number one. In this day and age memes are everything. The minute he starts sliding into your DM with all these funny memes or tagging you in them he’s onto you.
Even with whatsapp when he send you pictures that have your ribs aching, take the hint.Memes are daring to be the next language of love these days.
4. He shares his music with you.
A guy once told me that men’s playlists are sacred to them. I don’t know the veracity of this statement but I love my playlist, by the time I send you one of the songs here without you asking, then you may be quite important in my view.
Therefore, I actually think if he shares his music with you no matter how weird or cheesy he may be about it before sending it then he’s definitely into you. It usually ends up being your song.
Or is he sings for you, like back in high school, that’s just a hint for days.
5. He makes time for you.
A guy again once told me that no matter how busy he is, he’ll always make time for his lady. When a guy is hitting on you and his prospectus of success seems high enough for him to get you then you’re already his lady in his head. Even his guy squad can’t dare hit on you at this point.
He may have a million things on his priority list but somehow you’ll always be at the top. No one is ever too busy to make time for people they care about.
6. He buys you food.
Ladies, we love food, at least I do, and most of the ladies I know. Maybe it should have read, ‘he takes you out,’ but for the food lovers i’ll be loyal.
The minute he asks you out for coffee, lunch, dinner whichever, that’s a green light. He takes you out and actually spends his money to pay for your food, heeeh that right there is something. Please note you don’t split the bill or have some of your friends coming along. No! It may a double date but not a group date. He actually takes time out to be with you and make you feel special with food, or whatever.
7. He say he likes Β you.
This is usually the final thing. When all the previous ones have been attempted. He looks you in the eye and blurts it out. Some do it over a phone call, others over text (guys please avoid this one) but he puts it out there that he likes you. Not like your brother or sister, you get the drift I believe.
Before I come up with a list going to infinity i’ll end here. The list is by no means exhaustive. But i believe I’ve stolen a few secrets from my diary for you.
This article is for the ladies who are as blind as bats at recognizing hints, from a fellow blind bat please beware! And for the men if the lady you’re hitting on isn’t getting the memo, send her this link please.
Just a disclaimer for the ladies, it is different when a man pursues you for sex and when he actually likes you. A guy who likes you om my opinion doesn’t expect anything in return when pursuing you. One after sex in my view will not care about your emotions really, and in as much as they may chase for it, the minute they get another lady willing to offer and you remain ‘stingy’, you are immediately out of the picture. Or if you fall into the trap, it ends there. All the pursuit just dies!
So ladies, be smart, don’t go having sex with guys the moment they make your tummy feel like it’s hosting a zoo. Take time, read the signs, then double check. If you’re not interested, say it from the word go; if in another relationship, say it; If you don’t want to be in a relationship say it! Don’t waste a poor boy’s time. But only say it when you’re sure. I don’t want girls embarrassing themselves in the name of Glynis’ blog.
Since I have been giving book recommendations for a while now, if you think a guy is hitting on you i’d recommend you read The Power of the Pussy. Most of you already asked me for it when i was doing postings on Instagram. If you don’t have it hit me up on any of my social media or mail. Another one I came across is Ho Tactics I’ve only perused it so I can’t fully recommend it until I’m done. And last but not least, The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. Have a look see if you agree with one or two things, if not, it’s also alright. You don’t have to agree with each and everything.
Have a fruitful week ahead!
All the best to those having exams.

For those who’ve been saying they can’t post comments or likes directly on my blog i’ll look into it, but feel free to comment on any of my social media; Facebook, twitter and Instagram @glynismaina. I always appreciate feedback!


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