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This week has been quite interesting for me,but be warnedΒ i don’t think I am humanly capable of this considering my story telling_joke giving capacity is beyond zero, way beyond… Am those people who will see a meme on Instagram and if i explain it to you it’ll be like a whole lot of a calculus sum😒. But why not try?😜
In my opinion Jav’s will always have the most drama in this life, the stories people tell you are just too creepy. This week was just too weirdπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I met people who don’t care whether they know you or not they just pour out their day on you.
So I was on the jav the other day heading home when this lady sat next to me, she seemed okay, only she kept twitching and turning in her seat while singing along to the mix that played on the stereo. I didn’t mind it, so I just sat there waiting to get home while reading some book online.
i want you Red not just bits and scraps i want all of you,” he said as he kissed the life out of my lips slowly but firmly holding me against his waist….
Then I heard a laugh, a slight one, then am like ….alright… weird lady be reading my book, (i swear the art we ladies have, sneaking up on people’s phones is something we are born with, it’s un-explainable.)
So i kept reading, then scene decided to get heated up,
i was so intoxicated by his kisses that i didn’t realize i was in Caleb’s room, my body was on fire, I wanted him oh i knew i did, but we had agreed to wait, then i felt his hand move up my thigh as his tongue played distracted me from what he was doing…”
Then i hear a second laugh, louder this time, and I look at her and with no fear she looks at my screen even more as if we had a deal to share the book. Aki sasa what are chills? So I smile at her and stood to alight at the next stage because honestly, she was giving me the creeps, until she stood up! And alighted at my stage, Oh heavens, what do you mean?
“Sasa” I hear from behind me knowing its her,
“Poa” I replied with a fake smile,
“Hiyo book unasoma inaitwa?”
“Chasing Red” I said trying to be polite
“Heeh ni poa lakini wanaume hawawezi kuwa hivyo kazi yao tu ni kutaka kupewa na sisi madem na hawawezi kazi ata.” She said now walking next to me towards the estate.
” Mimi nikikwambia story yangu na maboy aki hata huwezi believe, mimi nimependa maboy wengi na nimewapea,,, yaani nimehave sex na wao, lakini kwa hao wote hakuna mwenye amewahi nifurahusha.”
Knowing I couldn’t get rid of her I just nodded as she spoke on.
“Job yangu imagine niko nayo juu boss wangu anapatanga kila friday usiku, kama si hivyo angenifuta na siwezi pata ingine, saa nifanye? Ni kumpea tu alafu siku moja ata pata mrembo mwingine aniache. But wewe ni dame msupa sana so unaweza jihelp tafuta tu mtu mdosi mwenye akona doooh, mpeleke klabu, mfanye abuy drinks, alafu umpeleke kwako, Nairobi ni kugumu, sponsor ni lazima, wacha kujifanya unasoma hiyo mambo kwa kitabu enda utafute, ata mimi bado sijapata but nikipata, heeh, huyo nitaoa.”
At this point she was on her street and she turned and walked away, just like that, i just laughed, i mean, how do you go telling a complete stranger how you’ll marry the guy that taps it right, I just cannot.
What is having goals anyway, πŸ˜‚


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