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Phone struggles

So my third phone in less than two years is gone… gone into the afterlife of dead phones. I wonder if they have a heaven and a hell. If they do…if they do…all mine may just go to heaven, even if they caused me so much pain i still wish them well.
I’ve been through all these phones people criticize from tecno to infinix and one you’ve probably not had enough time to attack yet called Innjoo… and their tag line is …be you…
Be you??? Be you???
Well urrmm i really don’t know how a phone was to help me you know…be me… but oh well… i’ll let it go.
This very short post is to give my side of the rant… people have thrown stones on these phones and i have fearlessly defended them but now…with my 4.5 inch samsung galaxy trend that can’t support snapchat or even update my instagram my loyalty has shifted to a Samsung or Huawei or i donno i just can’t hack this excuse by my parents of ‘just use this phone we’ll get you a better one’ oh no no no… not this time. I am officially opening a kiti if you will to help me out of this french phone demise i welcome you with open arms to help me save up for a nicer phone this december or sooner.
Until then please don’t ask me what Vera and Huddah have been fighting over on snapchat or whether i heard the new jam by calvin harris… no…please spare me the pain
And when you see me with my 4.5 inch phone and my old instagram icon don’t judge me…priss… i’ve been through a tecno, infinix and innjoo and i am alive nuf said
Have a great week.

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