Life's snippets

Being a writer.

Someone asked me why I haven’t been consistent in writing.
I am in awe of such amazing people who look out for my posts. They make you want to get on that computer and type away.
But I’ll give an answer because courtesy demands it. And my mother raised me right.
Over the years I have been obsessed about how words can offer such unlimited freedom. How as a dancer they would live through their steps and music, as a writer all you have is the alphabet.
And I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. Only to realise I was stagnating and revolving around the same theme of love.
I like writing about love and everything it encompasses but I want to grow out of that thinking that it’s all I can do.
I want to write that which will get you the reader yearning to understand what goes on in this mind of mine. I want to be mysterious and naked at the same time.
So what have I been doing? I’ve been reading. To learn how best to execute this wonderful God given gift.
Will I be posting?
Of course I will.
And I hope you all love what will be coming your way.
For greater growth.❤


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