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Over the years I’ve always tried to come up with a picture of what heaven is like but  due to the fear instilled in me of reading the book of Revelation I really don’t know if my idea of pavements of gold and fully furnished mansions  with pools and escalators inside does me any justice.

However, what I have taken into consideration is judgement day, in my head we’ll all be naked in a big hall and everyone’s life will be played on an a billion inch flat screen wireless tv from birth to death and somehow we’ll all know who the other is meaning you’ll have to answer for every moment and each choice you made.

No lie, judgment day makes my stomach tingle a little since I live by God’s grace and I wouldn’t know what I would do without it.

But if there is one thing I learnt when I was 19 in my short life is that you can never really worry enough about the mistakes you’ve made, you really can’t take them back which beats why we think of them so much.

I was watching E! the other day and one celebrity said teenagehood was your time to mess up, unfortunately! We are brought up by our parents  to be perfect people in the eyes of society but you never are good enough for society. Society on one hand will tell you, “be yourself” and you’ll eat a burger and soda and maybe gain weight then society will be like, “not like that” expecting you to do things the way society wants them.

Mistakes hunt us by day and taunt us by night without really giving us the option of taking back our words or actions. So why worry about something you can’t fix? Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying, “go ye forth and commit errors,” no no, I mean “go ye forth and enjoy thy youth not letting the mistakes of your past make you unable to dare to dream.”

That’s what I’ll be taking out of my teenage years and hopefully into my young adult life. I will try not be clumsy with this gem called life, but delicately with love and affection i’ll tread through life and live it, through each moment of fatigue, hard work, tears, turmoil and spirituality. To be able to enjoy the small things that we are able to have for free, say air, working lungs, beating hearts, flowing blood and functioning kidneys and the big things those before us fought for say independence, world peace, evolution, non-racism and fast foods (especially burgers).

It would be really great to take back the mistakes we made or blame them on someone else but because its we who have to live with the consequences, pay the price and afterwards, wake, pray and slay your life.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Inspired by, That’s my girl by fifth harmony go listen to it! Find link below


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