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Nico & Vinz-Am I Wrong

This week I’ve been creating sort of a new playlist which is a very very, difficult thing to do. A playlist is sacred, like some sort of ARV’s you need to take so that you don’t fall sick or vitamins you need to pop every 12 hours for energy. It’s everyone’s go to when you want to run away from the world to an imaginary place. At least that’s what you all insinuate when you have your earphones on during lecturers and can’t use certain javs coz they don’t play a certain genre.

music wallpaper 2
“Am I wrong for thinking that we could be something for real…. That’s just how i feel…”

In my quest for a new playlist I came across Am I Wrong, tafadhalini(i hope its spelt like this😌) if you haven’t heard it please, please just download it on or just listen to it on you tube (find the link below), it is absolutely beautiful, soul soothing and cuts across all generations especially if you like the vintage feel in music, enyewe it touches the soul mehn.😤
So this got me thinking, what do you feel for you to run to that music, are you bored, heart broken, are you fighting for something or running from something. Turns out despite music being a hobby for most of us, It really tells a a lot about the kind of person you are. Someone once told me the listen to hip hop by day and soft rock by night, that’s what they like. Consequently they have an extreme side and a softer side. Correct me if am wrong.
What you take in is what you give out, so positive music, positive mojo, you get me? This week watch your playlist good people. It really has a pull on your mood.
Don’t forget to listen to Am I wrong, and if you wan’t to do a cover on it, please do halar, drop me an email maybe? (, my singing side is dying to do it. Have a great weekend guys, nawapenda😘
Am I wrong -by Nico and Vinz😏

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