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    Play Kenyan Music.

    Since the hashtag Play Kenyan Music, I’ve seen more people getting ‘woke’ about songs by Kenyan artists. It’s pretty amazing that we are supporting our own and holding radio stations accountable in playing music made for Kenya on Kenyan airwaves. Having grown up listening to Prezzo, Pili-Pili, Nameless, Esir,Necessary Noise, Longombas and Kleptomaniax I would argue Kenyan music is unique and continually evolving. I’d however say we are pretty far from where we can get with it. Especially seeing the growth of the industry in West Africa. Though we have amazing talent, we see artists starting with immense potential and veering of at some point. We also are to blame…

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    Nico & Vinz-Am I Wrong

    This week I’ve been creating sort of a new playlist which is a very very, difficult thing to do. A playlist is sacred, like some sort of ARV’s you need to take so that you don’t fall sick or vitamins you need to pop every 12 hours for energy. It’s everyone’s go to when you want to run away from the world to an imaginary place. At least that’s what you all insinuate when you have your earphones on during lecturers and can’t use certain javs coz they don’t play a certain genre. In my quest for a new playlist I came across Am I Wrong, tafadhalini(i hope its spelt…