Dear first love,

This weekend lets remember our first love, that first time we experienced this weird tingly feeling called love however many months or years ago it was and have fun with the memory. So this song is definitely o your playlist if you are my audience: Hello, how are you, i was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet, to go over everything, they say time is supposed to heal you but i ain’t done much healing, Adele really missed love in this one, the craziness that came with loving someone, the level we compromised, wololo😄 the risks we were willing to take for this first love of ours that seemed so perfect yet imperfect, so what would you say to your first love if he/she was here, how would you start, would it be goodbye, would it be i miss you, would it be a tonne of yelling and screaming, haha don’t worry you can go scribble yours in your diary, here’s mine.
Hi baby,
I miss you, i miss us, am i still allowed to? I think am allowed to, I miss the long walks to nowhere with no money in the middle of the market, how somehow all the noise was seemless and all I could hear was your laugh. I miss how you held me in your arms, as if the couch wasn’t big enough and I had to fit on your chest and your arms would be warmer than the August sun, we were beautiful together, its nostalgic you know, how I can remember the intricate detail of our spots, our favorite restaurant in the middle of the city surrounded by the robust of buildings such that no sunlight could peer into the windows to our corner,except the light in your eyes of course, oh your eyes, your light brown eyes, that burrowed under my skin all to often not giving the worms in my tummy the sanctity to feed in peace, the eyes that shushed me when I couldn’t stop crying because I was scared you would leave, the eyes that drove me crazy when our faces touched, then the tip of our noses my fat nose and your square pointed nose, and the musical rhythm created by our kisses, particularly our first kiss, with my naive madness, the moonlight and a few cans of pepsi in your balcony where our love blossomed, I still don’t know how it was me you picked, how it could be a girl who cared only about books and family, how you could, by the touch of a hand make everything alright. I guess the word am looking for is thank you, for you showed me love, you showed me care an further you respected me. With all the late nights I remained untouched, ‘the beauty of being chased’ you called it, not that you didn’t want me, neither that i didn’t burn with lust for you, but that we were ready to wait, ready to give the future a chance, ready to ask the world spinning already too fast to take it a bit slow for us. I guess the world wasn’t ready to slow down because now am not with you, it’s sad, it actually floods tears in my eyes as I blink them out, since this cursor won’t allow me to stop until I finish this letter for you, i’m drawn to remember that day, the day we was no longer us, but it split to I and You further from each other than Timbuktu and Chile, I can still feel the crack left in my heart, a pain greater than death and scarier than life, how you held her in your arms, not that you were giving her a comforting hug, how you kissed her lips, not the holy kiss in the Bible and how you moaned at the pleasure she gave you, I still believe there is some excuse there is a reason, there is something you could use as your defense, intoxication maybe? But once you saw me all you did was mouth of words at me, i couldn’t read your lips my eyes were already burning from the thought of deceit, maybe you were sorry, maybe you had to do it, I donno, whatever it was, it set of the timer for me to go, my time was up, my turn was over and that’s why I left, i’m sorry i didn’t say goodbye, i’m sorry I didn’t answer your calls or reply your emails but you broke me to nothing, and that’s all I see of you.
goodbye nothing,


  • Arogo Bellabez

    It saddens me,you losing your first love but in this world you got to lose something ordinary to get something extra ordinary anyway I would thank the for the wisdom gained from it.
    Great piece I couldn’t stop reading it when I started.

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