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Play Kenyan Music.

Since the hashtag Play Kenyan Music, I’ve seen more people getting ‘woke’ about songs by Kenyan artists. It’s pretty amazing that we are supporting our own and holding radio stations accountable in playing music made for Kenya on Kenyan airwaves.

Having grown up listening to Prezzo, Pili-Pili, Nameless, Esir,Necessary Noise, Longombas and Kleptomaniax I would argue Kenyan music is unique and continually evolving. I’d however say we are pretty far from where we can get with it. Especially seeing the growth of the industry in West Africa. Though we have amazing talent, we see artists starting with immense potential and veering of at some point.

We also are to blame because we don’t listen to our own music meaning artists number one market is primarily listening to other international artists. However, as the likes of Sauti Sol continue to take Kenyan Music global; with the revival of Nyashinski; with the unique sound of Muthoni the Drummer Queen; the ingenuity of Mayonde and the reunion of Camp Mulla a year ago the industry has immense potential.

With this, my absolute favorite top 3 Kenyan Artists growing at the speed of light are none other than:

  1. Vallerie Muthoni aka. Brown Shuga. IMG_5514

I’ve followed Vallerie’s journey on Instagram like a hawk and though most of my friends have told me they still haven’t heard her music, I feel like she is already a star. She’s performed at immense shows and killed it at Thrift Social.

She will definitely make you want to be a Pisces because of her energy! And my favorite line from her song? ‘Stay gassed up coz the only way is up’.

Haven’t heard her music yet, I’ll start you off on Brown Shuga from the album The Wavey Soul.


IMG_58832. Enoque Wambua aka. WambuAfrican.

I got a link to Enoque’s official video to Nitangoja a year or so ago and I was blown away. I then somehow ended up at his concert and learnt he performs live! Then I met him and he’s genuinely one of the nicest people. His album Thoughts of My Heart is truly heartfelt.

You may know him as the I Can Sing judge on one of the panels on the KTN Show or if not you could go watch him this Friday and see how cool he is while performing. And did I mention he has a new single dropping? Here’s a teaser!

3. Aurie MusiqIMG_5884

I met Aurie back in 2016 when we were part of Spellcast Media and she can sing the light out of the sun. When we staged Sarafina at Braeburn Gitanga Road I saw our own Beyonce. This girl can sing and dance without running out of breath. I mean who else can do that? What is fitness?

Her energy and light are amazing and she’s definitely here to stay.

Her video to Fanya Mambo is out with her killing it here and I can’t wait to see how she blows us away in future.


Get to know these artists and be part of their journey!

Vallerie Muthoni: Instagram ; Youtube

Enoque Wambua: Instagram ; Youtube

Aurie Okatch: Instagram ; Youtube


I wasn’t paid to write on any of the artists I genuinely love their music and want to share it.

All Images in the post are courtesy of the respective musicians.

The featured image of Deep in 254.

No copyright infringement intended.

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  • hilda kari

    to be honest I don’t know any of the artists you mentioned…. because I think I have grown some sort of blissful arrogance towards Kenyan music….

    but I will change on that. ASAP.

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