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I recently had the chance to get back on showmax, and I am so amazed at the content they have since my last subscription. They are giving Netflix some major competition since they are currently tailor made for Africa and as Africans, we are becoming smart enough to follow platforms that support content by us and balancing out with shows we love internationally. The platform offers a diverse range of movies, series, comedy specials and documentaries and after all my raving on Instagram about how awesome Showmax is here is a list of my favorites and what is on my watch list.


1. Love Island

I happened to find myself in a bit of a reality TV pickle because quarantine had me maxed out on movies and series and I needed something new. Showmax currently has all the Love Island Shows from UK, US and Australia and so much more! I still feel like UK is my favorite but Australia is a very close second you have a subscription? Watch it here.

2. Blackish

I have never watched this show in all my years and I am disappointed at myself. In my defence, I haven’t always been a big sit com fan but it surprised me by being more than just a sit com. There is so much you get to learn about family, the history of African Americans and life in general give it a try, you can watch it here.

3. Insecure

This was supposed to be number one on the list but from the final episode and what they did to Issa I am still feeling salty. Insecure is an amazing show about navigating adulthood. We all thought we would have it figured out only to realize no one really has. Insecure gives you that an insight on relationships and how complicated they can get, friendships and how years of not dealing with issues can blow up in a second and finding yourself and doing what makes you happy even without the support and validation we constantly crave for. Still haven’t watched this? Give it a chance here. If you have please let me know where we sign up as Issa fans and form a support group.

4. Monica

I am consistently appreciating Kenyan content and realizing with western influence we ever so often turn our backs at how much talent we have as a nation. Monica played by Brenda Wairimu is about a girl who has to find a balance between her life in the ghetto and fitting in with the rich folk, she does everything to get out of the slum to get a better life for herself but constantly has conflicting interests because she can’t keep up the act when she still loves her family and friends who don’t fit her plan to be out of the slum (see what I did there?) Anyway this is a must watch, the cast is spectacular watch it here.

5. Selina

This show has broken my heart, glued it back, shattered it again, made me hopeful and a whole roller coaster of emotions but we still watch it because of Celestine Gichuhi and our national treasure Pascal Tokodi. I never know where it’s going we have broken up and made up severally but the quality of filming, the use of Kiswahili predominatly and how bomb the cast always looks makes you marvel and how beautiful producing it must be. Since we are celebrating our content then you have to watch it here.

6. Njoro wa Uba

This has to be my favorite show all year and waiting a whole week to watch it on Maisha Magic East feels like forever. Njoro formerly worked the corporate world, lost his job and is now in the Uba business, he meets all kinds of people in his trips, struggles with money and keeping up appearances for his friends and baby mama drama. His life is one hell of a ride and you’ll laugh all through. Give Njoro a shot here.

7. Big Brother Naija

Again, I am not a big fan of reality TV but after Love Island I am now more than ever waiting to see how this show will be because it features people who look like me (I am really on a rhythm today!) There is a new season of Big Brother Naija coming up in September and I am definitely waiting to see how this experience will unfold wait with me here.

8. Suits

I am a lawyer and though I know practice isn’t what this show sells I am still here for it. I was definitely heartbroken when Netflix only had 10 episodes of season 8 but being told that the final season was on showmax including the spin off for Jessica’s character Pearson, I am here for it! Also Gina Torres (Jessica) is a boss babe and you should definitely watch this interview with Trevor Noah.

9. Empire

Yes yes Lyon fans the show is on Showmax and I am so excited to get back to watching this. After the Jussie Smollet scandal and whether there was a hate attack on him in real life and rumors he was out of the show I am curious to see how the rewrite went. Check it out here.

There are so many more series I can talk about from Power, to Younger, from modern family to grownish, the diversity is amazing and there’s something for everyone.


1. Collections: Jason Bourne and Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious and Jason Bourne fans, Showmax has your back with the entire collection for you! This is definitely on my list I just don’t want to start watching them because I know I’ll binge through all and not sleep until I am done.

2. US

Now this is either a horror movie or thriller, for me it’s one and the same but it’s featuring Lupita Nyong’o and she is from around so if you don’t scare easily give it a shot here

3. Second Act

I really love JLO’s acting she is one of the few singers who make the seamless transition to acting and don’t give up their music. In this movie she’s battling past struggles that are spilling over to her life and affecting her relationship. She is waiting for a big break at work and despite her experience is looked over for someone with a degree and when the opportunity to brand herself as one of them presents itself, she takes it and runs with it. The lessons from this movie are so heart warming and the million dollar question, do you never have a choice? Check it out here.

4. Yvonne Orji: Momma I made it!

Comedy fans this one is for you. After listening to the Jesus and Jollof podcast I love that this special filled in for what I didn’t know about Yvonne. She is unapologetically herself, choose to follow her path despite having Nigeria parents and will give you a good laugh. Give this babe a chance here you won’t regret it.

5. Something borrowed

Dear hopeless romantic, of course I have something for you! This movie was about friendship dynamics with that best friend who seems to get everything you want. The beautiful thing about this movie is learning how to stand up for yourself and going for what you love without taking any prisoners. It all about believing and knowing you are worth everything good that comes your way. Check it out here.

6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

I know you have a celebrity crush mine happens to be Chris Pine and I had a whole phase during quarantine. That is the only reason to watch this movie Chris Pine, he totally killed it, watch it here.

7. The Children Act

As a lawyer, judgeship is a career option so I have always wanted to know what it’s like to have to make a decision that affects the life of an individual permanently. This movie gives you an insight into the life of a judge and the process of making a lawful decision that isn’t always what feels right or what the other party wants especially when it comes to children and religion. You’ll love it as it explores marriage life and having the law as a jealous muse. Watch it here.

8. I am MLK Jr.

I have recently been watching a number of documentaries and this is one on my list. On the documentaries from I still feel Netflix is winning but Showmax is coming up pretty well. Watch it here.

There is so much that Showmax has to offer and they have a deal where you can pay for 6 months and enjoy streaming the shows. Did I mention they have a sports segment? Now you know. A big thank you to Glory who has been my Showmax plug on what’s there. Be sure to check out their social pages to know what’s good and keep supporting brands made for Africa.

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