Slay Health – A Guide to Vaginal Health by Lilian Jebet


Few women have the courage to talk about vaginal hygiene like Lilian Jebet does in this book. Talking to girls entering adolescence on what to expect and how to manage the new developments is key in ensuring wholesome growth and development of confident women. Lilian believes that there is everything to be proud of being a woman, and taking control of one’s vaginal health brings a special kind of beauty and esteem.

Meeting Lilian and learning she’s authored a book while still in her twenties inspires me. Her book is a guide to vaginal health something I wish I could buy for my teenage self because the information in it is raw on all you need to know when your body starts changing.

I love that before the acknowledgement she shares a quote that:

To be a woman is to be unapologetically resilient despite everything


This alone had me so energized to read the book written with the assistance of a gynecologist to explain various medical concepts on all that happens in the woman’s body.

When we were younger vaginal Health was closed to good hygiene when on your period while it’s actually so much more! All the assumptions and myths are crazy during adolescence and in sharing her experience in this book you find yourself resonating with her story.

Reading this made me realize some of the concepts here I should have known them from the word go. Thing I shouldn’t have struggled to understand from toxic shock syndrome to managing PMS. Some of these things I figured out when I was an adult! The explanation is very simply broken down for anyone to understand and I loved the breakdown on the Uterine conditions, alongside going back to the basics on the best panties to wear and reminding myself on hygiene tips for the lady parts. I love how various myths were dispensed with that women still struggle with, like using products to make the vagina smell like roses which it is not what it should smell like.

Give this read a try it’s only 80 pages. Check out more information on the book here where I also spoke to the author and buy a copy from Book Duka here for only Ksh. 440. Support Kenyan authors. Follow her on Instagram here and her page here and get to know more on the story behind the book.

Have a beautiful week and stay warm.

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