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Running 10 km everyday for 30 days – Tuzo Jonathan

I watched an IGTV video recently on Tuzo’s project 30, I was definitely intrigued, you mean someone can run 10km everyday for a month? On a good day I do 8km, and it’s not all a run, on a good week I’ll go thrice. What does it take then to run 10 km everyday?

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, what random thing should everyone know about you?

Tuzo Jonathan is the only child in a close-knit family of three. He is a 2nd-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. A random thing is many people consider me an extrovert but I consider myself an introvert. I will only be an extrovert in a situation that I’m needed to be one. Besides that, I’m calm and reserved.  

2. What is project 30?

Project 30 was an idea that I came up with for running consistently for 30 days. My aim was to cover 300kms which I divided into 10kms each day. And no matter if it rained or the constant discomfort that I would go through during the run, I made a promise to myself to finish the project to see how far I can push myself. 

3. What inspired you to come up with the project running 10km for 30days?

My plan was to try and form a habit of consistent running. When the government extended the guidelines on cessation of movement and curfew for a further 30 days due to the Covid – 19 pandemic I looked at the pros and cons and asked myself why not?

4. Who is in your running support network?

My Dad is definitely part of it. I don’t think I would have started running were it not for his love and dedication for the sport. The project 30 challenge has made me gain a wide running network, from people giving me advice, support during the runs, and even those who decided to start the challenge. 

5. How many kilometres have you covered in the past 30 days?

In the 30 days that I consistently went out to run I covered 303km/188 miles in 30 + hours of running. 

6. After the 30 days success story do you think you’ll keep running 10km every day?

Since finishing the 30 day challenge I have found the joy in running. I feel incomplete when a day goes by and I haven’t gone for a run. Running has become very blissful and no matter how bad the day is I always feel great and accomplished after finishing a run. 

7. Did the ongoing pandemic in any way push you take up the project?

Yes! When the Covid – 19 pandemic started I did home workouts but I really didn’t feel the effect and eventually decided to start running.

8. What injuries were you most terrified of?

I feared getting runner’s knee which eventually caught up with me on Day 7. The term is used to describe any pain that will form around your kneecap due to running. I however tried to minimize any other injuries during the challenge by doing pre- and post-run stretches. 

9. Tell us about your marathon experience, did this give you the backing to take up the project?

I haven’t run a marathon yet, but that’s my next goal hopefully if normalcy returns. I have participated in four half marathons in the past two years and have run in various 10 km’s when I was young. This definitely gave me some backing as I knew that I had been able to push myself before.

10. Which shoes do you use while running?

I use running shoes that I feel comfortable in and that wrap well around my foot, fitting my foot best. 

11. Which aspects of the project are you most proud of?

There are three aspects concerning the project that I am most proud of.

One is how my mind has been able to cope with constant discomfort. That I’ve been able to condition myself to keep on pushing even when things get tough. Running has been all about mind games for me. How fast am I on this hill? Am I faster than this guy on his bike? what about a train? How long can I run in this rain? Can I run the 10 km before this podcast comes to an end? How many times does my leg hit the ground? Does it sound like a rhythm? These are the constant questions going through my head as I run.

The second thing is finishing the challenge.

My mantra is always finishing no matter what happens in life, always finish what you started. Even if you don’t do it as well but you finish, that counts!

The third is the number of people that the challenge has been able to inspire to get out of their comfort zone not only in running but also other aspects of their lives and I’m immensely grateful. Starting the challenge, I didn’t think it would get this much recognition.

12. Do you experience runners high?

Yes! The feeling of pure elation has made it pretty addictive where I am sometimes at a state of reduced pain and feel like covering more km’s, like this weekend where I ran 21km’s.

13. How did you put together the film of the project?

The documentation of the project was through Instagram tv videos and on my blog after every 10 days. I filmed the project with the help of two friends who filmed me when I did my daily runs and also helped out in video editing. My goal of filming the project was to tell a unique story and hopefully inspire someone to get out of their comfort zone. 

Watch it here:

14. What more did you learn about running that you didn’t know from this experience? 

What the mind can do when you’re in discomfort is what stood out for me. When your body is giving up and you feel like stopping your mind still has a lot of strength to keep on pushing. But the question is are you willing to continue pushing through the pain?

15. What advice would you give anyone who wants to take up running in the future?

Go out there and run! The start is always the toughest where you keep on contemplating your decision.

Don’t even think about it cause that’s when excuses will start flooding in. Our bodies are wired differently just go run the first week and see what works and what doesn’t work for you. When you see what works, start improving on it!

I am definitely putting on my running shoes after this post and I hope you are too. Check out Tuzos blog here follow him on Instagram here watch this for more insight on his journey.

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