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About Thyme Restaurant

About Thyme is located in an intimate secluded area in the leafy suburbs of Westlands, Nairobi on Eldama Ravine road. It costs about Ksh. 250 to take an Uber from the CBD. The space is beautiful and cosy with an indoor and outdoor sitting area. I loved the outdoor because of the beautiful trees, the silence and fresh air that can give the illusion that you left Nairobi and are in the country side.

Eat, drink, don’t think

restaurant’s tag line

The restaurant is great for group and intimate dates and dinners. They have complied with the Ministry of Health and government guidelines maintaining the 1.5 metre rule, requiring hand washing and having various sanitizing spots within, requiring persons entering to wear a mask. Additionally no sale of alcohol is allowed and persons with high temperature are not to be admitted. The menu is scanned to minimize contact with physical menus.

On ordering, starters are a bread bun and some butter, and we all know bread is my national treasure. Very fresh and fluffy.

This was alongside some mocktails that go for Ksh. 400. I had the pineapple and ginger kombucha which is an interesting balance of sweet and sour. The mint berry smash also came highly recommended and the color alone is bound to make you love it.

For lunch we had some spare ribs with a side of potato wedges and a simple snapper which had some fish and a side of mushrooms.

The pork ribs were very well done, and came with some fried vegetables on the side and a finger licking sauce. It was quite filling, the portions are not crazy but don’t judge a book by it’s cover! This went for Ksh. 1,950.

Knowing I am not a mushrooms fan I will say they were decent but the person having them enjoyed. The fish is spectacular and a spritz of lemon did it for me. The tartar sauce was very well done, I dare say close to the best; it didn’t leave a slimy feeling at the back of your mouth. This went for Ksh. 1,750.

Finally we ended the day with two mocktails highly recommended by our waitress Mercy (she is very well versed with the menu and gave stellar recommendations ask for her when there) the Virgin Thyme out and the Strawberry Smash. The strawberry smash is heavy on berries so you may need to ditch your straw to enjoy it. The Virgin Thyme out is an enjoyable plain Jane. If you’re funky you may not like it.

In Westlands? Give this spot a try! It’s been on my restaurant list for the longest time and I am glad it did not disappoint. I’ll add they are keen to on the environment and use paper straws which gave them major points from my end.

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Don’t forget to be kind and stay safe.

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