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Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant

When you head to Diani this is definitely a stop you should make. They have an amazing service where they send a van to pick you up and drop you afterwards at your hotel or villa, all you need to do is make a reservation.

Ali Barbour is a cave restaurant, yes it’s in a cave! It is breathtakingly beautiful. Part of me feels you go there to experience the ambiance. Noting I am not the biggest cave fan, I think this is a great experience for anyone. Watch it here from minute 3:20.

They specialize in sea food and are pretty famous for it. I wasn’t keen on trying sea food because the last time I did I wasn’t too impressed. Especially noting that the portions are not much and the prices ranging from 1850 to 4,000; I was not ready to take that risk!


Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant is magical! More on my blog: #glynismaina

♬ Infinity – Olamide

While here we had the:

  1. Starters; includes some garlic bread that I enjoyed dipping in some vinegar. I am a huge bread fan, Oprah and I are besties in another life so I definitely didn’t mind this. The options were olive oil and vinegar for a dip alongside some butter.

2. Cheesy Cave Chicken for Ksh. 1850

The safe side in me went with chicken, you can never go wrong with it. This came with some fries that were well dried and crispy and a side of vegetables. Additionally there was a sweet sauce that I barely touched because I am more of a savory fan and ketchup for the fries.

2. Pan Grilled Baracuda Ksh. 1850

This was finger licking good! I know it looks like a handful but wow it was amazing. The fish was well done and blended perfectly with mashed potatoes and some lime to sour it up.

Give this spot a visit. If you have let me know how it was.

Have a beautiful day and don’t forget to be kind.

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