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Valentine Ayuko Mathenge – Writer and YouTuber

This week’s feature is yet another recommendation and someone I’ve come to really respect their content and hustle. Valentine’s platform is a positive one which she uses to share the word of God while not shoving it in your face, makes sense? Read it for yourself…

1. In your bio you share, ‘influencing you to think for yourself’ why is this essential for people who follow you?

Wow, someone has really been stalking me huh? JK! Well this tagline came up from me not wanting to be referred to as an influencer. However earlier on this year I began noticing that people follow whoever I highlight on my stories, people ask for recipes to make the foods I do, they get the books I share and it hit me up on whether they like it or not, I am in a way or the other influencing someone. So instead of people just doing as I do or say, I said I’ll try be better, stir their minds to think for themselves.

Being a Christian Youtuber comes with the urge to always tell people what to do and that makes people think you are perfect. I am not. And I do not want to constantly tell people what to do, so I influence them to think for themselves!

2. What inspired you to start a YouTube channel about Christ?

At the time when I began, a young person, woke, sassy and with the “party girl” past that I had, it seemed impossible to be totally sold out to God. Most people thought and still think that for such a person to be into Jesus like that, they must have gotten sick, troubled etc.

I wanted to show the world that it was and is possible to be born again, live normally and still have fun. Later on I grew an urge to just plug people in to Christian stuff. So I began making Christian content that is entertaining.

3. So far what would you say is the secret to a great marriage in Christ?

As cliché as this sounds, it is communication and learning the art of having even those uncomfortable conversations. I mean, we can pray, fellowship together all we can, but if we cannot have great communication, marriage is literally going to be a walk in hell.

4. Which 5 things must every bride know before her big day that you learnt when planning your wedding?

  • The type of wedding they want; is it simple, glamorous, a mix of both. This saves your money.
  • Make up, hair and photography trial are a must.
  • You cannot do everything by yourself.
  • Walking in a gown is kinda hard; practice the kick in advance.
  • Stuff your tummy with food in the morning. You’re not going to eat well at the reception. And while you’re at it remember to empty your bowels before you get into that gown.

5. As a married woman what advice would you give single women looking for Mr. Right?

Everything I would want to say to any single woman has been well written in a book, Lady in Waiting by Debbie Jones and Jackie Kendall. Such a practical, relatable and realistic book. Changed my whole view on singlehood.

6. The YouTube platform is very competitive and you’ve said before you wanted to quit. How did you get out of this headspace and keep going?

I was in the wrong headspace clearly. Haha! I was reminded by close friends why I begun in the first place. I questioned myself too on why I do the things I do and had to figure out if what brought me joy was the numbers/statistics or the life transformation of just a single person from the content I put out there.

7. Top three breakfast ideas?

Without a doubt, breakfast cereals!

  • A bowl of oats, milk, cinnamon, chia seeds, banana slices, honey.
  • A bowl of granola on custard!
  • A bowl of overnight oats in yogurt and a sprinkle of apple and beetroot slices!

8. Which character in the Bible do you relate to currently?

I’ve always been a Jacob but I am evolving into a Paul right now. I love Paul. The boldness, the commitment, strategy in doing things, sharp mind. That’s kinda Paul, that’s kinda me haha! Eventually I want to be better, like Jesus…that’s the goal.

9. The Bible is filled with books written thousands of years ago. How can the same word be suited for our everyday struggles in the modern world?

The beauty of this old book is that its writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit who is the third person of the Trinity. We can say God inspired these writers. The most beautiful part is that God knows the end from the beginning, meaning all modern day struggles and occurrences were put in consideration as the old book was being written.

For each person in each different circumstance, there’s a word in there for them. They just have to believe it, yield to the direction of God and they’ll find it.

 10. Prayer is essential when living in faith. How have you constantly improved how you speak to God?

By making it less of a duty and more of conversational and relational. It is important to still schedule prayer time, but I have learnt a better way to pray; talking to God like he is my biological dad. Taking it easy. Whispering stuff to him throughout the day. Toning down a little on being too official with the big words and change of voice haha.

Even when I don’t feel like it, I say to him, “God, I don’t feel like talking to you. I am just forcing myself here, but you know I love you.” I probably laugh after that and insist, “Help me talk to you.” And most times I end up praying even when I did not want to.

11. While at your lowest which verse keeps you going?

Romans 8:18…It gives me hope, peace and strength all at the same time. It’s God’s way of saying “In the end, I gatchu!” (…read this in Abel Mutua’s voice I promise it is better- Glynis)

12. You have worked with the Alone with God platform. Why is this an important partnership?

Wow, that was actually my first ever partnership and it will forever have a place in my heart. The founder, Juliet is a brilliant mind and she comes with great passion and dedication when it comes to searching scripture and Bible Study. Exactly how I love my friends haha!

What made this partnership very important is that the brand is out to build anyone willing to grow in the Christian faith through Bible Study and journaling. It teaches people to commit and study the Bible for themselves, it teaches how to interpret the Bible, helps one understand and know God by themselves. I am a writer who happens to love the Word, sounded like a perfect match.

13. Social Media is an amazing avenue to share opinions in real time verified or not. How can people get better at sharing their opinions truthfully?

The thing about opinions is that everyone has one. We are living in a highly opinionated era where some opinions are true and makes sense while the opposite is also true.

I however believe in accordance to God’s Word that all these things shall fade and pass away. All our opinions will; good or bad. But one thing shall remain; His Word. If I have to have an opinion and share it, I would hands-down choose one that is rooted in something that stands time and is truth in itself; the Word of God.

14. You take part in Christian Ministry and sharing the word, how did you build confidence to speak the gospel?

Well, I am very outspoken on things I am passionate about. It’s a gift that kind of makes it easy for me to be a great orator.

Confidence on the other hand, that’s all God. I go through a thousand anxious fits every time I am to minister/talk anywhere, thankfully God doesn’t tire of reminding me He is with me and His power is going to do the most work, all I am is just a vessel.

15. You shared you wouldn’t want to die mediocre, what would you want your legacy to be?

Reading that mediocre word just made me anxious whoa! I just want to transform lives by providing resources to people. Resources about the Christian faith; I want people out there to have their eyes open to real sound doctrine, to know why they believe in God, who God is and for them to truly know and encounter Him. (I want to be the Ravi Zechariah of our generation…and to be even more!)

I want to provide resources on self-development; to empower people and to make them realize that we all were created with a purpose and that our purposes are intertwined; there is space for everyone to be great, the whole perfect picture is for us to all be great together; but we have got to put in some work.

This is the legacy I’m living in and would want to leave behind!

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