9 tips on how to make instant coffee taste better

Now that school is fully online, I no longer have an excuse to stop by Java and Art Café every day to get my morning fix, if anything I barely have time to brew my coffee. I am therefore stuck with instant coffee and life is too short to have boring coffee.

Here’s how to make it a whole lot better. Whether you’re working from home, making a quick cup in a busy office, don’t have the time to brew your own coffee or are simply cutting back on a cup worth Ksh. 300 in these tough economic times!

1. Buy a good coffee brand

It goes without saying really, a great brand gives great coffee. Instant coffee cannot compete with ground coffee but we definitely want the best version of it. The more expensive the brand the better taste you get. I for one love Nescafé coffee from Nestle that’s locally available and is within student budget but now that you’re home you can sneak it into the family shopping and save 500 bob. You can get yourself some here.

2. Boil you water

Lukewarm water gives tragic coffee. Some people say distilled water is best others filtered water but in my view as long as it is completely boiled and not just hot water, you can make some magical instant coffee.

3. Stir the coffee in a little cold water

Your coffee probably tastes powdery and bland because you add it directly to a cup of hot water. Try this new way, add about 10ml or one tablespoon of cold water and dissolve your coffee to form a paste. Then add your hot water, you’ll have a smoother consistency and better taste of the coffee than before!

4. Use lemon juice

Yes, lemon juice! This one is for my strong coffee lovers who want a memorable cup of coffee. Replace the cold water mentioned with lemon juice. It’s as simple as squeezing some fresh lemon juice in a cup, add your coffee and some sweetener of choice before adding hot water. The sweet and sour flavor from the lemon and sweetener is bond to make your coffee more exciting and flavorful. Thank me later.

5. Use honey as a sweetener

Not only is honey a healthier alternative to sugar but it gives the coffee a smoother and richer taste taking away the bitterness of the coffee if you don’t like a strong cup. This is for a sweet tooth and lover of flavor. Quality honey is also rich in antioxidants. In place of honey you may use agave syrup that is even sweeter than sugar and therefore allows you to use less. You could also use maple syrup, it’s not just for pancakes.

6. Add cocoa powder or drinking chocolate

I know this feels like a long shot and I definitely rolled my eyes when I saw someone try this but it’s a good one because it give you a bit of chocolaty taste to make you coffee even more exciting and give you an extra caffeine boost. Want to go all the way? Add some chocolate to your coffee!

7. Use Cinnamon

Another healthier alternative to sugar and giving even more of a spicy flavor. Add your powdered cinnamon just before adding some hot water to the cold water/lemon if you use milk you can add some extra cinnamon to the top and immediately have a coffee house special.

8. Add some butter or coconut oil

Well this definitely isn’t for everyone but it’s bound to give you a nice frothy coffee when blended. I gives a better flavor, texture and subdues the strong flavor.

9. Add milk

I happen to like my coffee as dark as my Kenyan men but this is a great way dilute the coffee flavor without having to do the most. You could alternatively use soy, coconut, almond or oat milk to make it even more exciting. For a more dominant taste you can add some cream that makes your coffee thicker.

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