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Anastasia Ng’ang’a – Entrepreneur and Digital Content Creator

This week’s feature is a recommended personality who shares nothing but great vibes and a pure heart. I am very happy to have interacted with a business mogul in the making who shares a sounding love for Christ.

1. Who is Anastasia Ng’ang’a?

I describe myself as a warrior. A warrior is said to be confident, strong, aggressive, disciplined, very active and brave. Most importantly, Anastasia is a God fearing young woman.

2. You have always been unashamed in sharing how God is impactful in  your life on Social Media, why is this important to you?

I lived a very crazy lifestyle.

I was always the life of the party ‘dem wa mashisha’. It got to a point where I could smoke and drink instead of getting high I got really bad headaches. Growing up seeing most members of my family drinking and how it impacted their lives I always wanted to live a different life and live up to my potential.

On 16th Dec 2017 I gave my life to Christ and that’s the best decision I have ever made. He restored my sanity, peace, happiness. Every day He reveals to me who I am and what my purpose is.

I have achieved so much in this short time I have had a close relationship with Him just listening to His counsel, wisdom and divine Ideas.

Its important for me to share as a testimony that God can do anything.

3. Which verse keeps you going on the difficult days?

Do not call conspiracy what they call conspiracy and do not fear what they fear.

Isaiah 8:12

4. What led you to start your business, Lanna House Kenya?

I had so much free time in Campus so I started buying  jewelry from Dubois then selling them at school and that’s where my business journey began.

5. What are your top five lessons you’ve learnt about business?

i. You can only generate a business idea from wanting to solve a problem.

ii. Minimize Cost and Maximize Profit.

iii. Move with Strategy not emotion.

iv. Marketing is the Backbone to a successful business

v. You will have to use money to make money.

6. You recently collaborated with Zaron cosmetics a major cosmetics brand, how did you manage this alongside running your own business?

Creating Content is also something am very passionate about, I just love doing it. Am glad I work with my sister so we work in shifts this enables me to have so much time to be in the creation space.

7. What are your everyday make up essentials?

Primer, foundation, powder, mascara and my absolute fav is lip gloss. I loooveeee me some gloss.

8. In a video you shared that financial freedom requires having several sources of income. How can young people today diversify their sources of income upon finishing school?

I know if you are not an entrepreneur in this generation you feel like you are missing out. Its okay to be employed earn that salary while doing your other hustles on the side.It is also a plus, if we learn how to turn our hobbies into sources of income.

9. Which is your favorite book in 2020 so far?

Do I get to choose only one hahaha.…okay I will go with Half Of A Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

10. You have an amazing online presence on Instagram, how do you make sure you connect with your audience on a personal level?

I engage with them as my friends making sure I reply to DMs and comments. I also listen to their opinions alongside lending them a listening ear when any of them needs it. Just being me at all times has helped my audience know what I like and what I don’t. I also post content they relate with, that inspires and challenges all of us.Not forgetting I create some entertaining Tiktok videos.

11. Recently, you said yes to your fiancé and shared the amazing experience on YouTube, how do you balance sharing aspects of your relationship with the public and having a private and happy life?

Its hard to strike a balance especially in this generation where if you didn’t post it it never happened. But I have come to understand and learn that in a relationship you also need to be selfish, there are moments that you just need to put your phone/camera down and enjoy the moment with your significant other.

Depending on the moment and the vibe we have I will decide whether to share or not.

12. You have done a number of photo shoots and are always so confident, has this always been the case or is it a skill you learnt?

I knew I always loved the camera but when I started doing shoots I realized I had a lot to learn waaaa it was hard the first shoots but I gained confidence the more I did them.

I now know what to do when its action plus research helps a lot just going through Pinterest and picking ideas helps to improve and learn new poses.

13. Your nails are always popping! Who is you plug?

Aaawwww thank youuu I love getting my nails done at Utamaduni salon by Kate_glam

14. As a local business owner during the pandemic, how can Kenyans do better in supporting their own and keeping businesses going?

In my opinion Kenyans are doing the best they can. The economy is crazy right now, the government needs to do better. We are all witnessing the Covid 19 billionaires scandal and all I can say is our government is a big joke; while mkulima mdogo anateseka the ‘who is who’ in the country are benefiting from a pandemic. Local business owners are suffering more in the hands of this government than we are from the pandemic.

15. Lastly, you shared a post on Instagram on it being important to admit when we have toxic traits, so far how have you learnt to be better at managing them?

I stopped working on changing myself because on my own strength I can’t now am working on a close relationship with The Holy Spirit to counsel and teach me how to be transformed by the renewal of my mind so that I can become a  better person with a changed attitude and a renewed mindset.

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Don’t forget to be kind and stay safe.

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