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She's about to dive in!

Two months ago I did a post, Secrets from my diary, that basically was what I felt were the right vibes to pick out on when a guy likes a girl. Now after this post that got quite some views guys asked me to do them a solid.

The following will be a series what seems very obvious but I ask that you trust the process.

1. She replies fast.
Before I even delve into this I believe human beings are obvious, sadly we are, we may want to think our behavior is unique and we are different, but there is nothing new under the sun.
If a shawty likes you half the time she’ll reply your text in a millisecond, aside from laughing at all your memes and creating a conversation from nowhere. She may have a tonne of unanswered messages but rest assured as soon as she likes you you’re number one on her frequently contacted.
She may pretend to not see your name pop up the screen and manage to hold off replying for 15 minutes or her girlfriends may tell her she’s too obvious when replying to your messages and she’ll break the trend for a couple of days but she’ll be back on board before you know.
If she doesn’t reply ASAP at least most of the time you see her online, even if she works on the moon, abort mission I repeat abort mission! if she’s online and you just texted her within the hour she has seen it. We are ladies if we are obsessed a second is barely enough to reply.
2. She makes time for you.
This is everything and it cuts across both ways.
If a mami who can curve the life out of a guy makes time for you, not to finish up on something you were working on or to pick up her stuff or see your roommate’s new car, actual time to see you. Without any addendum to the agenda. That right there is a keeper.
The truth is ladies have this kind of entitlement attitude sadly (and not all) that we feel the need to be enticed. Guys also have it but are not open about it before dating. Ladies however especially during the chase want to feel this.
Now if you’re a guy and you’re one of the people who got the book, ‘Power of the Pussy‘ you know what i’m saying.
If she gets out of this, ‘if you want me you’ll find me’ mindset and she actually agrees to come and see you, without it being an ‘accident’ then she’s into you. Not just into you but she’s serious about it.
3. She is awkward around you.
Ladies have learnt to camouflage this weakness. But it still is one thing to look out for. Guys happen to be very results oriented and most of the ones I’ve met like knowing their fate from the word go. Ladies however, like the process. So a guy walk up to a lady and tell her she looks nice.Her uterus will begin to tingle and a few flips, literally. If the connection she has with you is that intense. She will say thank you and her brain will go blank. You will be embarrassed think she thinks you’re shady but she’s basically shook!
She may even not say hi to you say if she meets you at an event or with a group friends and walk away when you approach her squad.
Fam, she cannot stomach the butterflies. I know people who lose it when they see the boy they like and run off, once he’s gone all they want to know is if he asked about her.
4. She has her friends lurk for her
Her squad is her everything, or her best friend if she has one. That lady you see on her snaps with an hour’s voice call that is still ongoing and the caption L.O.M.L is the co-author of the messages you receive. If this ‘squad’ or ‘best friend’ starts lurking by following you on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or you can now magically see her profile picture on Whatsapp beware! You are under siege, she is the reason this lady will ask you a question about your ex from 5 years ago. She is the reason you will be asked why you changed from a regular coffee to a triple.
Ladies are the best detectives, she will get her friends to lurk (or they will offer) because she wants to know about you. Most guys get offended at the stalking stage because they feel, ‘why not just ask me?’ But she can’t at this point in time, remember how awkward she is around you? Yep, that’s why she has an army of slay queens to do the job for her, and they won’t miss any skeletons from your closet.
5. She asks about you.
I already said we human beings are too obvious.
If you guys weren’t close friends before the whole chemistry started materializing on her end and your boys starts telling you, ‘ nani was asking about you,‘ or all of a sudden your friends are her friends and they are having extensive conversations with her about you then you know why.
Most of us like knowing what’s going on, but we never really pay attention if it’s not a big deal. Same logic applies, she wasn’t asking what your favorite food joint is 3 months ago, why now?
6. She gives up food or sleep for you!
This one is the pot of gold. It should have been number 1 but it’s more dramatic at number 6. Never have I met a lady who does not love either of the two.
The moment she’s on a two hour phone call at 3 in the morning with you and you still have something to talk about, please take the hint. We don’t give up sleep like that. Sleep especially for a student at the University is a sacred entity.
When she cancels food plans to be with you, food plans! To stick around so that she can bump into you or all of a sudden she’s going to the gym to ‘keep fit’ because she heard you like ladies with a flat tummy. Or she buys veetox and the whole planet knows she likes fries and a cold fanta for a regular lunch, please sir, please take the hint.
7. Social media posts.
You know how people say they don’t post what’s going on in their lives? I think it’s a lie. I may be wrong, I haven’t done the psychological research about this but I will.
Today she posts, ‘when he texts you good morning,’ and a smiley emoji tomorrow, ‘get you a man that smells good,‘ and a kiss emoji the next day, ‘my ovaries are doing splits lately,‘ with a blushing emoji a week later when you aren’t paying attention she goes into depression and has posts like, ‘I should have never fallen for you,’ and a heart break emoji etc… but something in these lines. 1 out of 10 memes will be about you, I kid you not (okay it’s not verifiable statistics but oh well…)
Social media has become a haven for people to express themselves, if she is active like most guys in our age bracket and she’s obsessed then you better watch her snaps before she has a mental breakdown after 24 hours.
8. She doesn’t let you hit it.
This right here is the most controversial tell-tale sign and some ladies will agree or disagree with this but i’ll rake it up and break it down a bit (always wanted to say that).
Sex is a bit overrated today and most people in the 18-32 age bracket (which is where most of my friends lie are sources of my information) actually engage in sex and are more likely to be sexually active.
If the lady you are hitting on has read a book by Cara King called ‘Power of the Pussy,‘ you will not touch her because in as much as sex is overrated it is still a lady’s greatest bargaining power.
I am aware some people meet, have sex and still get into relationships, which I don’t really understand how it works, but the inverse is very psychological.
Men want what they can’t have, if the lady you’re hitting on knows this she will probably hold off for as long as she can. Her friends will ask, ‘did you sleep at nani’s after the party‘ and she say she had to go home.
Sex complicates things when they haven’t actualized and when you read books that go into the depths of explaining the power of sex you understand why women who really like you hold off. And they hold off even on head!
It’s not really being stingy. When she says no, it’s probably because she wants something more than just a minute’s battalion and she need not be dickmatized to get to know you. So don’t take offence.

I feel like I may do a post about sex soon, there is so much on this people are now awake to!

9. She goes the extra mile for you.
Ladies are stingy, not all, but most, because we feel the man should be the one doing everything. Besides you’re the one chasing right?
Rarely will a lady who doesn’t like you (except your close female friends of course) go on and buy you dinner. That right there is history in the making, unless she lost a bet or it’s a work thing. Rarely will a lady do this for any random guy. Unless she’s philanthropic and likes giving out of the generosity of her heart on a usual.
It doesn’t even have to be money especially where you have a rich girl that doesn’t mind spending. All of a sudden you will become important, and you know this when you awaken her nurturing side.
So is she about to dive in?
Happy reading!

The above pointers are in no way conclusive, women vary and as such not everything may apply to your various potentials!


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