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We never really know it all do we?
I feel like this post might be as bit controversial, I am not even sure I want to go down this road considering it goes to the core of my being.
But why not play around with words see where this leads us.
I think it’s all a hoax, it’s all pegged on something else.There seems to be no ingenuity in how we do things in life. Human beings are very obvious as I have learnt, and there really is nothing new under the sun.
I am not trying to be stoic, neither implicit, I just realized it’s really not that complicated.
Before I get into this let me give a bit of background. This week I asked someone, ‘how much influence do you have with her,’ in the midst of a conversation which continued without paying much attention to what I just said. I mean, we all use ask that question.
When we want to go out and eat and we don’t have quorum to fit the Urban Gourmet evens we have that one person in the squad who knows someone who can ‘come through’. You could even be that person. We don’t seem to mind using that ‘influence’ they have to get that person on board. Better yet, true to my gender, ladies, that guy who always mpesas when you want something, that whole pre party of asking for money to be sent and him sending it… influence.
It was about 5:00 am when I was trying to figure whether to do this post or not. It made me think of the people who don’t believe in God for example. It’s not because there is no supreme being, but it’s just because it hasn’t been imparted in them. Consequently, they see no need to believe in what is simply a myth to them. On the other hand, we Christians are believers because we have been taught in these lines, we have had our behavior molded in this framework.
I may be wrong as I delve into a nascent theory. But it would make sense if everything was pegged on how much influence you have. That’s why a prominent person’s son will be hired but a very learned person won’t. His boss thinks by virtue of his ‘sir name’ he can move his father to make things happen.
That’s why you’ll be fired and told, ‘we are looking for new energy’. It’s simply because they found someone who can do your job better. Someone with that sway, with that zing you seem to lack.
It trickles down to friendships. Remember the people you were friends with and practically inseparable? Talking about how you would be roommates in college but somehow you haven’t seen them for years? Or that friend who if anyone needed to find they would ask you, now you don’t even know when you last saw them. Or that relationship everyone thought they would get married, now they can’t seem to stand being in the same room with each other.
Man in my view has a craving for his presence to be felt. Even when you are the most silent person. Presence need not be physical. There is that venture where you want to shine. Be it school, family, sports, you name it. And that hunger to have an effect is really what drives people to be what they are.
Previously, I thought we were vague in our age, where we give things more priority than people. Which we could be. But now there’s a bit of clarity, it’s not only because we are vague at cultivating meaningful relationships but also because we don’t know what to do with people who cease to be assets. More accurately, who we feel have ceased to be assets and like that old toy with it’s wheels broken, we want to throw people away. Just because the fire, the adrenaline, the influence is no longer there.
Personally, I don’t agree with this.
I understand why Robert Greene’s books sells out specifically the two I’ve encountered, The Art of Seduction and 48 Laws of Power. Greene realized that we live in a world where people look at what you have to offer before they see you. Sadly, but surely. In an attempt to tap into this revelation his books are geared at enhancing your personality to suit this need in society. That’s why of the 48 laws number 11 is to, ‘Learn to keep people dependent on you’ and 13 is ‘appealing to people’s interest’.
Being the master that Greene is he says don’t remind people of your past assistance. He understood that yaliyopita si ndwele. Moreso because we forget very quickly how much people have done for us. He states find something to benefit whoever you are asking help from.
In the Art of Seduction he says each one of us has one art, my favorite being The ideal lover who has the capacity to bring out the desires that seem to have evaded us in life. Purely influence that tingles the human mind.
In the end God is fair and He gave all of us gifts unique to only each of us. But it also says in the Bible use your worldly wealth to gain friends.

Luke 16:9

So is influence a good or bad thing? I can’t speak to that. But it runs the order of the day. Have something to offer to the world, don’t just stash it under and bury it.
Have a beautiful weekend.


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