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Scared to be lonely.

This morning in the midst of trying to pretend to be asleep for about 2 hours, because laziness can get real, I had a very interesting conversation with my friends. And we all know what happens where girls are gathered.
So the discussion today was whether you  would date a person you are not ‘connected’ to for lack of a better word. In my understanding being connected to someone means being the same headspace. Being able to identify with the person you are with. Being very headstrong about the person you are with regardless. (hizi head zimekuwa nyingi…)
So would you?
Would you let someone who you have no connection with be bae if he/she was the last man on earth or would you die alone?
Would you be with someone because they have nice things and be completely satisfied even without that emotional connection?
Worst of all would you stay with someone out of pity?
I don’t know where you stand fellow reader (always wanted to use this line) but I think life is short. We only get about 70 years on this planet if not less and I don’t think they should be spent with someone who doesn’t make your blood boil and your heart go skraa pa pa ka ka ka skeebidi pop pop and boom boom krrrrrrm poom (yes I had to!)

You have to love this guy though….

I don’t believe people should be in relationships because they are scared to be lonely. And that fear of loneliness can get to you, but it shouldn’t engulf you. As Paulo Coelho says in The Witch of Portbello loneliness gets stronger when we try to face it down but gets weaker when simply ignored.
We have all been tempted to get into relationships that we are not fully into because of the fear of being ‘alone’. Or just to ‘fit in’. And some of us have already gone down that road. But do we need somebody just to feel like we’re alright? Is the only reason you’re in a relationship because you’re scared to be lonely?

I know, I know these are lyrics to Scared to be lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa if you haven’t heard it here you go….

You don’t need a relationship where you get tired of seeing someone’s message, or have no excitement to be with.
Moral of the post? If you will date someone don’t let it be a relationship where you gather information about each other until you’re bored and break up! Let it be worth it.
Have a beautiful weekend!


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