Hi guys, sorry I have been slaking, compliancy is truly the enemy of consistency. But I have no right to give excuses….. I wrote on pain and feeling naked in the last two posts if you haven’t read them please check them out. I hope you love this piece, if you do hit like and comment down below.

She thought of it every day, what if she jumped? She could end the misery that her heart clung onto, she could free her soul void of emotion, all the the conflicting emotions that made her head wooz.
But she was never quite ready to forget, she wanted to hold on to the few beautiful memories that made her life seem real. She saw their hands interlock one more time, she saw them walk in the rain an extra mile, she saw him immerse her into his embrace, she didn’t just see him, she saw a we an us, together against the world.
Oh how naive her poor soul was, to believe the deception of life and let down her wall to the mantle of her soul. Then every memory turned into a tear, every promise made brought sorrow and her heart was ripped out, destroyed and unrecognizable, one would easily mistake it for a pancreas as it was deflated of life, or rather an appendix for it was borne by anguish.
desperation 5.jpg
She reached out but only the cold wind kissed her fingers, so she waited a little longer and the sun waved at her palm but he…he never came, he never interlocked his fingers with her again.
So she now lives with nothing but a memory of their love, of what looked like would be forever, of promises that she prayed would come and save her, from the monster that lived within her young soul. Now the monster laughs, in mockery of what she thought was love and dances in the center of her brain rejoicing over her fall.

She is now at her end, tear wells have dried out, patience no longer exists, anger has fed on her flesh and bones, rejection has killed her emotion, fear has locked her up in a world she knows not, affection has detained her thoughts and her dreams have been burnt down by frustration.
She is desperate,
She cannot live again,
Unless there is a second messiah,
So she still sits on the cliff not questioning whether or not she will jump, for she knows she will eventually, but wondering who will hold her back before she falls to her death.
Somehow that is the pain that lies in hope, she holds on hoping someone will rescue her and she will forget there existed such atrosity… as she searches to see the blessing that lies within the pain.
Inspired by Little Mix; Secret Love song ft Jason Derulo. Check it out below

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