How do you say this is me,
This is my heart,
My soul,
I’d like to get naked,
Not having to hide,
Not having to pretend,
No need to suck in the extra stomach,
No need to hide emotion,
But how do you get naked?
The world is already too judgy,
Society will tell you to be you,
Then it will need you to do it it’s way,
If I could pour out my soul,
Without holding back,
You would deny that you knew me,
Because my soul is reigned by darkness,
My bones are engulfed in pain,
My skin is deficient of hope,
I want to scream and let it all go,
But the world is full of ghosts,
Ghosts that taunt me,
Ghosts that remind me of my inadequacies,
Ghosts that throw back at me all that I left to the wind.
Sadness makes us appreciate joy,
But I am melancholic,
Sadness has now become my joy,
And it is slowly getting poisonous,
I can hear my bones cry for happiness,
For that one chance to get naked,
And this small spark of my lost heart causes it to settle for a few seconds.
I told you if I got naked you would deny me.
So this is just what is best filtered,
Because we live in a world of filters,
Where the truth is nothing but a theory in the lies we are told.
Where life gifts you with an opportunity to get naked,
Take it and run,
Wallow not in fear but trust that it is a gift and enjoy it.
Happy Valentine’s people
Don’t get naked for the wrong reasons 😜.

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