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    Dinner guide feature

    A couple of months ago a friend of mine whatsapped me asking if I’d like to feature on a show. I said why not (because half the time these things don’t materialize) but in this blogging life you just keep the faith. And months later it paid off. I was skeptical when I got the call but after sharing my location and doing my homework we gave it a shot and went for it. (Always share your location when you’re not sure! And it helps to always talk to boda guys around the area they will always validate if where you’re going is a legit place. If they don’t know…

  • Random stories,  Short Stories

    Hair affair.

    Dedan is looking away because he is mad at me. He simply can’t take in the betrayal as I cross the street in the CBD to go do my hair. I can almost hear  him say, “I didn’t fight for independence for you to put their things on your head. I did not live in the forest for you to be so weak and confirm to their ways Glynis.” Then he would look down and an ugly crease would form on his face. “You are not Glynis, who lied to you and made you think you’re Scottish? You are Wanjiku, you don’t even use that name! What has become of…

  • Random stories,  Short Stories

    Jav Chronicles

    This week has been quite interesting for me,but be warned i don’t think I am humanly capable of this considering my story telling_joke giving capacity is beyond zero, way beyond… Am those people who will see a meme on Instagram and if i explain it to you it’ll be like a whole lot of a calculus sum😢. But why not try?😜 In my opinion Jav’s will always have the most drama in this life, the stories people tell you are just too creepy. This week was just too weird😂😂😂 I met people who don’t care whether they know you or not they just pour out their day on you. So I…