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New Year’s Eve

Its approximately one hour three minutes to new years eve and after all my attempts to write this post i ended up saving all my ideas in draft files. This is sad, because much as i don’t want to admit, i’m having a writer’s block, which is allowed. Only this time i have so many ideas at the back of my head but i can’t seem to put them down in perfect symphony. So we’ll just end the year on a light note with a post i haven’t quite figured the title for.
So today i met someone who was very blunt with me and they said that if only they did half the things they said they wanted to do,they’d be a lot happier, a lot richer, a lot of something they aren’t. Which is true for all of us, at least most of us, we have hopes, dreams and aspirations that blow our heads of but mostly end up just licking the tip of the ice cream and that’s it.
2015 has been an okay year for me, sure i joined university, finished my first year, made a whole bunch of mistakes that i should probably blog about separately, and got hurt a whole lot of times, not that there weren’t some golden moments, only that as human being we tend to remember the ugly more, to sort of like punch ourselves to get better. Most of my failures however were not because i couldn’t do better but they were because i was okay with what i had, i was okay with settling for something sheddy, i was okay with people saying this and that without standing up for myself,christmas eve i was okay with not being honest about my feelings for someone, i was okay about being something that i wasn’t.
I think that’s just sad, its sad how little credit we give ourselves sometimes and we let things define us, we judge and are judged, we tire so much in fixing the future while at the back of our heads the past is roaring at our faces. How many days of this year have you lived in the moment, how many have you closed your eyes and not worried if the moon rose in the morning or the sun set at night. I think i probably had that for two days in an entire year, then went back in the agony of trying too hard to fix something about my life.
When i was in my early teen years i adored the movie New Year’s eve, mostly because Zac Efron was in the cast, but i didn’t say that, and because of how the eve of the new year is celebrated, you make a list of all the things you wished to do in your year and try cover them in a day. But of course its a movie, how possible is it. Lets say we’ll do two things on our resolution list that we wanted done by the end of the year for the thrill of it…. the best part is when in Times Square once the countdown is done, you get to kiss whoever you really wanted to kiss as a finishing streak, i’d give anything for that, but i’ll be home under a blanket taking black coffee watching groove party with my half awake mother and my dad trying to look out for fireworks. But if you can help it, this New Year’s eve at least do two things on your list you really wanted done by the end of 2015, wherever you’ll be maybe Hakuna Matata, NYE, Totally Sold Out,Kesha or just at home, it may be a phone call away and it may turn out as not just an okay year, but a freaking awesome year.
Clock is ticking…New years Eve 2.jpg
And as you write your resolutions for 2016 please include one about reading my blog every Saturday. I will ask on that.
I look forward to a not okay 2016 but a freaking awesome year.
Don’t forget to live in the moment, even if its just for this last day of the year, goodnight lovelies.

Looking forward to a greater blogging experience next year, and because of that i invite you to give suggestions crazy or not of what you would like to see get better in this blog next year and i promise to give feedback and try to get better. You can drop me an email or just post a comment below. 

Lots of love and happy new awesome as heck 2016.



  • Moffat Gachoka

    Wow!! What a wonderful piece!! It’s my first and probably last time to read your blogs this year but I’ve loved it. Looking forward to reading a good number of them that are to come up next year.

  • Arogo Bellabez

    Nice….!!! you got talent. That’s a really great peace but I think you also had some awesome days this year you can include that…Happy new year.

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