Because I love you.

cropped-love-wallpaer-love-1370430-1024-768-2.jpgHi guys in this week’s post I want to appreciate love, the kindness that it swells in one’s heart,  the yearning and grief it brings but mostly the joy. Valentine’s Day is around the corner why not start early before you get tired of reading about it that day. Share with someone you love😘.
Because I love you,
I’ll burn bridges to see us be
I’ll freeze time to stay just a bit longer
I’ll stay up late until I know you’re fine
Because I love you,
Happiness ceases when you endure pain
Daylight dwindles without you near
Stars hush with each tear
Because I love you,
I will wait for you
Be it in the rain with the loudest storm
Or under the sun with my feet in the sand
Because I love you,
I will be you
Your pain shall be my pain
You flaws shall be my flaws
Because I love you,
I am happy
I am blissful
I see joy in life
Because I love you,
Mine is yours
You are mine
And I will guard it with my blood
Because I love you,
I can look and not see
I can hear but not listen
I can read barely comprehending
Because I love you,
My bones shudder at your mention
My stomach folds at your touch
My heart yearns for your kiss
Because I love you,
I will ache when pain comes
I will cry when troubles jolt us
But I will hold on to we, never giving up
Because I love you,
I don’t need eyes to see another
I don’t need hands to touch another
All I need is you
All this because I love you.


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