Short Stories

An unfinished story.

She sat there, as the sun graciously bid her goodbye ready taking it’s leave. But she wasn’t, she looked on to see if any more canoes were out in the very calm and still waters. Waiting to see if she could at least spot her torn, purple scarf lead the way of her favorite two seated canoe. She still didn’t understand how she let him have it. 
Everyday once she was done with her chores she went out to the Big lake to meet him, and everyday he waited. She would cover herself with her scarf before she got onto the canoe. Not because she was scared, but it was just something in her. So they sailed into the waters and she clung onto his shirt,as was custom, sometimes too tight for him to row easy. But it so happened the Big lake was angry on this day and choked on its own spit, rumbling and bullying his canoe.
She held on even more, scared to look up and admit to her fear of a capsized vessel. “We will be fine, I promise.” He said laughing at the trembling lad clenching to his shirt. “In fact if we don’t die, you’ll give me that scarf to remind you I was right.” Roared the handsome man in even more laughter. She didn’t think the Big lake would be that kind and forgiving up until he felt his hand reach out for her neck while they were at shore.
Leaning in for a kiss, she felt his hands unwrap her scarf as he stood and tied it to the canoe.
She laughed at the thought,  “I should have gotten my scarf back!”
He made her happy, 
And she knew she loved him endlessly. He had a way with her. Not because he was perfect but because of the little things he did. He got her food from Aunty’s shop, the best cook in all of Big lake. He bullied her into believing she was perfect, He took her to the small Island in the middle of Big lake that no one knew who owned it. He kissed her cheek every now and then that made her feel like her stomach had bad food inside, only now it wasn’t paining but a feeling she never really could explain.
But one thing about him scared her, she loved him, with every fish bone of the lake’s fish and she believed he loved her, but he didn’t quite say.
She feared one day he would leave her for his first love. The woman who broke his heart. She never quite felt that he was fully hers. Was she being punished for the mistake his first love made by not loving this amazing being? Was that even fair?
She sat there as the sun further drowned into Big lake, hoping, praying to the god of Big lake, to bring him to her. So that she could tell him how much she loved him. Just one more time. Maybe then he would make her his.

She now looks on waiting to see the torn purple scarf.



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