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Velma Mareba – Creative and Make Up Lover

After my interview with Beryl aka Belnizzo (read it here) I got a recommendation to feature her lovely sister a creative, make up lover, performing arts and Afro-centric enthusiast. Here’s how our chat went:

1. What’s one random thing people should know about you?

That I am really good at doing impersonations. LoL                      

2. If you were  to use one make up brand forever which one would it be?

It has to be Maybelline.

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation?

My go-to foundation for myself as well as my clients is  a medium- coverage foundation due to its natural finish and it is also ‘buildable’ so you can actually use it to add another layer to get the coverage one desires.

4. How do you shop for quality affordable make up?

Since there is an insane  influx of counterfeit cosmetics locally, I ensure that whenever I purchase an item, I check the website price  and compare it to the local  retailer’s price. I get legit products from the Beauty Bar and Ken’s Cosmetics

5. Which is your most used product?

Nouba Millebaci Lipstick  in the shade 46. It is a perfect shade of red that is both classic and one application elevates an entire look!

6. You shared a quote ‘what you have in your life, you attracted with your thinking positive or negative. Life creates itself around your mindset and perspective.’ How has this impacted your everyday life?

I’m a firm believer of  approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. This has definitely made me feel more confident, creative and energized.

7. What advise would you give someone who wants to dye their natural hair?

It is ideal for one to visit a hair professional if you aren’t sure on how to go about this process. However, if you are a DIY junkie and must do this at home ensure that you treat your dyed hair regularly because color-treated hair requires a lot of moisture. This can be done weekly using a conditioning treatment.

8. Where do you get your African headscarves?

Most of them are the fabrics that remain after having my clothes made. The other  times I get them from Nairobi Textiles along Luthuli Ave.

9. Top 4 Kenyan beauty gurus?

Joanna Kinuthia,

Mercy Mungai (msmercc)

Esther Kuria

Rosina Sharon

10. Favorite beauty brands?

Huddah Cosmetics Lipsticks



Joanna K Cosmetics Eye Palette


11. What do you love about make up?

I love the fact that it enhances my facial features so whenever I wear any form of makeup I automatically feel confident and more beautiful. It is also an outlet for me to express myself creatively.

12. Which 5 make up tips does every user need to know?
  • Always do skin prep before putting on applying any product on your face
  • Prime your skin. This will make the foundation adhere to the skin for a longer period without moving.
  • Cheap is expensive. A counterfeit product may have adverse effects on your skin that may cost you more in treatment therefore it is advisable to  invest in quality products.
  • Work with what you have. As long as you have the basics, you don’t need to buy every other product that is introduced in the market.
  • Improvise. Many makeup products are versatile and can be used in various ways e.g a pigmented  eyeshadow can be mixed with a clear gloss to give you a nice tinted lipgloss.
13. Do you wear make-up daily?

Not really. As much as I love wearing makeup, I give my skin an occasional break to let it breathe.

14. What are you must have skin care items?

Garnier Cleanser

Simple Moisturizer

Simple Toner

15. If you could be on a billboard, what brand would you want to be advertising?

It would definitely be Nivea or Darling Braids.

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