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Funky Munch Kenya – glynismaina
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Funky Munch Kenya

I’ve always heard that if you want to have a successful business in Kenya then you should go for the food industry because we are always eating. I talked to the brains behind Funky Munch Kenya a group of young people daring to dream and this is how the journey has been so far:

1.Tell us a bit about Funky Munch Kenya, when was it founded?

Funky Munch was established in 2019, a food and beverage catering company.

2. What inspired the name Funky Munch Kenya?

The name is a cheeky play on words for the chill vibe we bring to events and catering, it is well suited to the type of food that we serve and we just ran with it.

3. Why the food business?

There is a huge gap in the food market and people are always looking for the newest trend in food, Funky Munch brings all that and more. It also helps that the founder is a well experienced chef conversant with multitude of cuisines.

4. You took part in the Black Food festival in 2019 and did very well scooping second place, what did you learn from this experience?

We enjoyed it so much hoping it might have a come back this year. The creativity of making black foods was amazing, we learnt a lot for a first time event. Kenyans are ready for food diversity from around the world.

5. What should we expect in 2020? Any more competitions?

2020 had in store a food truck but due to COVID-19 a lot of things changed, we are looking to throwing down a hot dog eating competition but until the pandemic has a solution we have had to shelve these plans.

6. Social Media is changing the world in how we market and advertise how do you use this tool to promote your business?

Most definitely.

We have been working mostly on Instagram and Facebook at the moment we are still doing product promotion and just customer feedback posts, but in time with the newly launched menus and the specialty menu we will be sponsoring targeted posts.

7. Food is an art, of your creations what’s your grand masterpiece?

Our sandwiches they are our signature item.

8. As you offer food delivery services, what’s on your everyday menu and at how much?

We have special menus to include a lot of diversity. Standard pricing is 300-400 for a meal, delivery is free but subject to review if far.

9. Youth unemployment has become an everyday norm in this country. Young people are therefore looking at alternatives to formal employment. As funky munch how many people have you hired and what are their roles?

We do not have permanent staff at the moment. What we have is a team of six (6) individuals made up of family and friends, aged between 23 – 30 years, who believed in the dream and are willing to dedicate their time, expertise and sometimes finances to get Funky Munch where it needs to be. Their expertise ranges from legal to marketing. We do, however, hire casuals when we have major or multiple events and give priority to the youth.

10. Do you offer event catering services? If yes what are your rates?

We do offer catering services. Pricing is dependent on the occasion and service mode or style the client prefers and costs anywhere from 5000 going up.

11. Being in the food industry how do you maintain good quality while making profits?

Sourcing from the local farmers and breeders has some costs saving methods to it and beats getting processed items. We also do bulk buying for dry foods and packaging materials which helps reduce operating costs. Additionally, simple things like ensuring cleanliness and organization in our working spaces goes a long way in ensuring quality of the end product.

12. What’s the greatest business assumption you had that was proven wrong?

That food vending events headlined by food influencers or people considered big names in the catering/food industry are a big hit.

13. Which brands would you like to work with in the future?

Primarily local brands ranging from meat processors such as Farmers Choice Limited to brewers such as Keroche Breweries Limited.

14. What challenges have you experienced in your line of work?

Challenges are always to be expected and we have had a few during this period of inception.

More people ask for a physical location which is still a work in progress

Also the current pandemic hasn’t left us very mobile in terms of deliveries since some areas were unreachable and delivery guys are charging more.

Finally, we still don’t currently do same day delivery, our food is order prior and that’s lost us a sizable number of customers.

15. What’s in the future of Funky Munch in the next couple of years?

Definitely at a location near you.

Get up close and personal by checking Funky Munch’s Instagram here 

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