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Beryl Nekesa – YouTuber – glynismaina
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Beryl Nekesa – YouTuber

Today’s interview features Beryl, she has a beautiful personality and her energy will brighten up your day. She is Computer Scientist and enjoys vlogging here’s how our chat went.

1. Who is Beryl Nekesa and why the name Belnizzo for your page?

Beryl is a bubbly young lady,  an extrovert  and social butterfly born and raised in Langata, Nairobi. Professionally I am what youngins would call a “techie” and I like to employ creativity in all I do. Currently I am among the ten ladies selected to participate in the first-ever cohort of Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship program in Kenya where I am pursuing a career in Software Engineering.

I have a deep love for videography, cinematography and content creation. Had I not studied Computer Science, I might have been in the film industry. Capturing moments through photography is my favorite pass-time activity.

More to it I am a Christian, who has had a past that has shown her, nothing is as fulfilling as knowing my Creator and the fact that He loves me and He alone gets to define me. My faith basically defines who I am as a person then everything comes on top of this.

During my free time, I enjoy interacting with people especially in ways I can volunteer and meet new people. I currently volunteer for Strengthening The Vulnerable Initiative which is geared towards providing the basic essentials to the needy, unsheltered and the street families during the ongoing pandemic.

Belnizzo came as a result of my attempts at trying to match with my sister’s name which at the time was Velnizzo. However, she didn’t like the idea and dropped it but mine stuck and it grew on me.

2. What do you enjoy most about being a YouTuber?

I love everything about being in the Youtube space.

However, what I enjoy most is the ability to create and actualize a concept. This blows my mind away. I also like interacting with people who have known me through YouTube. I love meeting new people and this always gets me excited, no lie!

3. What is your YouTube channel about?

My channel originally started as an experiment, I was testing the waters and my content  would vary from  travel vlogs, to beauty and tech events.

This was a bit frustrating because my mind was in so many places trying to create content on literally anything and everything, I  immediately knew I needed to find a niche and just stick to it.

 Last year, I resolved to start to make inspirational Christian vlogs, sit-downs and stirring conversations on the same.

However, moving forward I have resolved to stay with vlogs and just create content that revolves around my daily life.

4. What does a day of shooting look like for you?

A day of shooting involves a lot of pre-planning: Sitting down and thinking about what the content of the day would be depending on what I’m shooting. For example, if I’m doing a vlog I’d already have envisioned the output that I’d like to have before I start shooting with every angle and shot in thought. This makes editing easier and allows me to be creative as I go.

After that, I get a little dolled up and set up the equipment for shooting ensuring that all is ready for the time of the shoot. After that, depending on my energy level, I quickly jump on to editing (favorite part) and then I post. I love doing all the work on the same day just to ensure the momentum is still up.

5. Who are your top 5 Kenyan YouTubers?

Dine with the Murayas (Have you seen the quality of their videos??!!)

Harriet Dodea (Great content for those seeking to get a deeper relationship with God)

Abel Mutua (I just love his stories.)

Zillenial Life Crisis (New channel and I’m here for all of it)

The waJesus Fam (I find them really entertaining)

6. While at home for weeks what did you binge-watch?

Family Reunion

One Day At A Time

Never Have I ever

7. You recently shared that you work out, what’s your daily routine and how do you ensure you eat healthy?

I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle. I usually have 4 litres of water in my bedroom every time so that it encourages me to actually have some.

I always  take an evening jog or a walk after work depending on the mood. (and yes Software developers are still working for 8 hours every day)

Fruits have also played a huge part, getting those vitamins right. Finally, I enjoy cycling so this is a huge part of my workout routine.

8. You’re in Nairobi Java House, what’s the first thing you order?

Ah! That’s debatable. Depending on the time of day I have different preferences. If it’s brunch, I’ll definitely go with the fluffy pancakes banana walnut or choc chip. However, any other time, a chocolate milkshake would do.

9. Which are your top 5 dining spots in Nairobi and why?

Java House I love the ambience, it brings some positive vibes.

Melanin Club and Food court, first of all, the name just makes me feel at home(hehe).

Klabu for the days I just want a cheap and filling meal, my go-to place (Kwa shosh).

KeshKesh Roastery is an Eritrean restaurant that serves indigenous made coffee. Love their coffee and such a serene ambience.

Greenview Restaurant, they serve some finger-licking fish fingers.

10. How would you describe your sense of style?

My style is anything classy, cool but comfortable. Comfort for me is everything.

11. How/where/from whom did you learn to do you own hair?

I learnt from constantly seeing my sister (Marebanafoyo) doing it for her friends and also for herself. I also think that being broke in my campus days just taught me how to survive.

12.What’s your favourite holiday?

Easter is my favorite holiday because during this time I’m reminded to deeply reflect on Christ and what His death and resurrection means to me and the entire church. This occasion being the very foundation on which christianity is built on, which is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Also, I love it because it is four days!!

13. Who would you love to feature on your channel in the future?

In my wildest dreams, that would be Tamera Mowry-Housley. I adore that woman. I’d probably do a “Cooking with Tam” vlog.

14. Which verse(s) keeps you going every day?

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

15. As a Christian YouTuber, what do you hope to achieve with your YouTube Channel?

In the words of Jesus,

“I am the light of the world, whoever follows me shall never walk in darkness but will have the light of life”.

We live in a dark world filled with many atrocities and evil, but even in these, we have hope that in Jesus, He is able to renew us and give us this fulfilling life that never ends here on earth but rather extends to an eternity.

Therefore, mine is to extend this hope to the broken-hearted and hurting by simply sharing the good news of what Jesus was able to accomplish on the cross in their place.

We love to see a sister live her best life and achieve her wildest dreams! Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel here and follow her on Instagram here.

Want to chat? Don’t be shy drop me an email on info@glynismaina.co.ke. Don’t forget to follow me Instagram here like my Facebook Page here and subscribe to my YouTube channel here

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