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Miss Nguru – Food Content Creator

I met Ms. Nguru back when I worked for the Great Debaters Contest. The job looked cool but all we did was ring the bell when a debater spoke for 3 minutes or silence a noisy hall with testosterone filled high school kids. But we did it with gusto. If you’ve met Julie you know she has gusto, an energy that cuts through and makes you smile. All this, she puts into food, her style and amazing content on social media. I had a chat with here and here’s how it went…

1. Who is Ms. Nguru and how is she different if not alike with Julie Nguru?

Miss Nguru is a lover of all things food. She’s a food enthusiast who’s passion lies in recipe development, food criticism and food documentation. Julie Nguru, on the other hand, is a sanguine, whose full of life, likes to stunt in stilletos and cute outfits, and the Cabernet Sauvignon is close to her heart.

2. What inspired you to become a food content creator?

When I was young, we had a recipe book curated by my dad and his friend Moses. That’s what my dad used to throwdown meals for us. As time went by, NTV brought us a show called “Let’s Cook with  Susan Kamau”. I loved the show.

Fast forward to 2018, is when people started noticing I could cook. One time in April 2019, I was fed up with Computer Science and I decided to make myself a feel good smoothie. The reception was overwhelming. I told myself I’d create recipes for a week. The rest is history. I celebrated my first anniversary on the 9th of April, 2020.

3. You’ve had an amazing year since you officially started creating food content. Which has been your greatest win so far?

Well, I have 3.

My highlight of 2019, was when I got my first endorsement with EatOut Kenya. I was selected to be part of a team of influencers that ran the annual Nairobi Burger Festival.  In 2020, I got another endorsement with Blue Band Kenya that saw me create recipes using their newly launched peanut butter. Lastly, I hosted #Drunchatk1 at K1 Klubhouse alongside Sheilanbo in celebration of International Women’s Day. It was a blast!

4.On this year’s International Women’s Day you successfully hosted #drunchatKI alongside Sheila NBO. What was your experience planning the event and biggest take home as an influencer?

More of the planning was done by the able team of digital managers at K1 Klubhouse. Working with Sheila was amazing! Our different personalities were very present on that day. We understand the game in the food and beverage industry so it was smooth sailing for us.

My biggest take home was, be a friend to your audience. My audience showed up in numbers and I felt all the love and support!

5. Your page features your bold sense of style aside from food. How would you describe it and who is your earrings plug?

My style is laid back and reserved. I like classy and sophisticated looks. Heels, suits, coats, classy bags are my kind of swag! I shop for my jewellery at Dubois. But that will soon change to Swarovski,  because, why not?

6. Your Instagram Content is authentic and well thought out while your twitter feed is hilarious and relatable if you had to give one up which would it be?

Trick question.  The simple answer is none! Both mean so much to me differently. 

7. They say families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts, how has your family, specifically your dad influenced and supported your content creation?

My dad has been such a huge supporter of my work. From nuturing the inner chef in me, to driving me to the events, marketing me to his friends and joining Instagram just to see my progress. Talking about Dad is a whole story on it’s own. But I’m really grateful for him. Mom, is still my biggest fan though!

8. Which do you prefer sweet or savory dishes? 

Sweet does it for me!

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received as an influencer and you’re willing to pass down?

“If you are in it for the money and fame and not passion then you won’t be successful.”

– Maxine Wabosha

She said this in one for her videos  long before I started creating food content but it still remains relevant up to now.

10. How do you keep thousands engaging with your content without seemingly breaking a sweat?

I put in a solid two hours or even three  everyday just to engage with them. Responding to their DMs, sending recipes, reposting their mentions and appreciating them. My audience mean so much to me. It is only fair for me to create time for them.

11. Imagine you’re back in High School, what’s the one thing you would change and why?

Wow! Certain experiences scarred me. Those I would change. The friends I left with, those I wouldn’t change.  My girls are the best!

12. Content creation can be exhausting or challenge, what do you do to remain authentic?

To remain authentic, I let myself feel all the emotions that come with content creation.  There after, I go back to the drawing board and work backwards.  When I need to be off social media, I actually come off it.

13. In the event you were not a food influencer, which kind of influencer would you be?

Definitely a fashion and lifestyle content creator. From travel, look books and luxury. I might take this up some time when I’m a well established and recognized  content creator who’s secured her bag mightily.

14. Looking back when or from whom did you get your validation that you were on the right track as an influencer?

Jeff Wamwaki, who’s the current head of digital at K1 Klubhouse. Jeff, from day one believed in my art and has continued to believe in me. 

15. If you could have a meal with a chef, dead or alive, who would it be?

In Kenya I’d love to dine with Chef Mulunda , Dennis Ombachi and Captain Vinieo. Mulunda’s love for sea food is where it’s at! For Ombachi, aside from eating his noodles, I’d like to understand why he’s so dramatic in the kitchen. For Vinieo, I’d love to fine dine with him,  drink expensive wine as I learn more about it and his love for the finer things in life. Internationally I’d love to share a meal with Natasha of Natasha’s Kitchen, Jamie Oliver,  Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay.

That’s it for this amazing content creator who I hope you’ve learnt more about. If you’re not following her on Instagram you’re missing out, check her page here. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for recipes here and follow here on twitter here.

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  • Florida Nguru

    Very well written. Good job. Lol I remember the cook book even had beans. And those debate club days you sure did them we so much passion.

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