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David Kinyanjui – House of Tasty

David Kinyanjui of House of Tasty is increasingly becoming a household name. His recipes are easy to apply and practical and his food photography is beautiful. We talked a bit and here’s what he had to say.

1. What inspired the creation of ‘House of Tasty.’

It all came about with my excess love for food. I find food so magical in that it spreads love, happiness and great memories. I as well believe that food shared with people you love is way better, and this is how I started sharing my recipes and food creations with my online friends, hence curating my brand ‘House Of Tasty’

2. You have successfully partnered with Food bloggers and created amazing recipes. What lessons have you picked up from working with people in your field?

My take away from collaborating with other creators in the same field as I am is everyone will always have something to teach you. You just have to be humble and have an open mindset.

3. Of all Kenyan dishes which is the most underrated and why?

Omena has to be it, and this is because it does not look and smell appealing. It should stay underrated!

4. Which five Kenyan street foods deserve a place on the global sphere?


ii) Viazi Karai

iii) Smokie Pasua

iv) Roasted Maize with some chilli!

v) Mutura AKA borewores

5. If you had to choose between burgers and pizza what would it be and why?

This is a tough one, haha. If it was at gun point I would pick Burgers! Its super filling and has so much flavor going on!

6. After trying the Vegetarian week challenge, would you recommend it as a permanent way of life?

Definitely not. I would not last two weeks! That challenge took me out of my comfort zone.

7. What are your top 5 restaurants in Nairobi?

i) Artcaffe

ii) CJs

iii) Saab Bakery

iv) Hunters

v) Kilele Nyama

8. Which camera do you use to take food pictures and what apps do you use for editing?

I use a Canon EOS 2000D, and I edit on Lightroom.

9. How do you ensure you have vibrant content that you consistently share on IG and you blog?

Through prior planning of my content, picking up what my audience really enjoys and creating with love.

10. Knowing what you’ve learnt so far, what advice would you give food bloggers starting out?

You will not be perfect or good enough at first, but consistency, passion and hard work will have your work becoming better by the day.

11. If you could cook and share a meal with any chef in the world dead or alive who would it be and why.

It would be with Gordon Ramsey. His energy and passion for food just makes everything exciting!

12. How has working with brands influenced you content creation for the better?

It has taught me how to incorporate products that I like and enjoy to use with my personal work. As well, it has given me the opportunity to share with my audience products that are worth their try.

Classic Fish ‘n’ Chips

13. You have to pick one between tacos, burritos and quesadillas to eat forever what’s you pick?

I am definitely picking quesadillas! For the love of cheese.

14. Which top 5 events in Kenya are a must attend?

I would not have a specific list of events to attend but I enjoy going for concerts by artists I listen to!

15. Will you be sharing videos on YouTube in future?

I don’t think so! I do not enjoy the YouTube space that much so I really doubt it.

To interact with his work more be sure to check out his instagram here, his recipes are up on his blog here and be sure to learn how to cook a thing or two while you’re home.

Stay safe.

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